Friday, June 29, 2007

tomorrow, 7.50am :'O

i have 7hrs and 53mins left till the plane departs. :'(

thanx, hannah,syawa, mel, may, thirah, and fana. i had a great time today... or shall i say, i had a GREAT HOLIDAY!!! we ate at Kedai Kopi at shah alam. it was sum kind of... last time meeting up with them before i go to kelantan
(this is making me feel terribly sad again).

God, please help me on this...

oh!! it's 12.15am already!! technically, i'm going to kelantan today. i can't believe the day has arrived at last. i can't believe i am actually about to do dentistry. this very person who was punished to stand outside the class, had to stand beside the blackboard for not finishing her homework, who almost never finished it actually, who was a very extremely supremo lazy person, who at first applied for culinary arts and architecture which had nothing to do with science. i'm sure that this happens for good. i can't be stranded here forever.

i'm hoping things will be good for me there. i believe, everything will be great for all my frens too. with everybody's support...

GANBATTE, zekku-chan!!! GANBATTE, everybody!!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

goodbye subang... again :'(

it's 1.19am, wednesday, 27th june 2007. time could not fly any faster than this. i'll be flying to kelantan this saturday already. gonna miss everybody A LOT. well, maybe this is the price of a guarantee to a brighter future which everybody is looking for.

"setiap perkara ada hikmahnya"

i believe in this so much. the day before yesterday, i went to OU (one utama) to shop for sum stuff i'll be needing at kelantan with anith n mel. at first it was fun, until i found out that i only bought 3 things out of the never-ending list at the end of the day, not to mention i haven't opened an account at maybank. well, THAT, i can't blame myself since they were offline. i had to excuse myself from joining the stucks later at OU. i had to go to Pyramid and Parade yesterday to get sum other stuff. then, things started to get clearer...

1. when i did my second attempt to open an account, it took almost 1 1/2 hour!! if i got to do so before, it would surely trouble mel and anith.

2. if i rushed to buy the ipanema flip-flops at OU the day before yesterday since i did not have a lot of choices at that time, i would never discover the nicer ones at pyramid yesterday.

a little bit of a rewind...

sunday, 24th june 2007. fana invited me and sum other to her beautiful house for a gathering. she made THREE delicious choc cakes *yummy*. she's really good at it :D

i decided that our day would be wasted if we just go home. then came THE PLAN. "pegi eye on Malaysia, nak??", mel said. all of us agreed to go there, to a place we didn't even know of its whereabouts. the journey was CRAZY!!! we called almost everybody, trying to get all help that we could get and still we were lost, just because of 2 damned roundabouts that we missed.

oh! have i mention about the CAR BREAKDOWN? anith were driving an AMT Savvy. we were on auto, until anith accidently switched to manual. it shouldn't be a problem until the engine died and resisted our desperate attempts on starting it. we were in the middle of a busy road in KL, but at last (thank God), anith successfully (and gloriously) started the engine. almost 3 hours were wasted and we all resorted that going home is the best option. well, at least, dapat spend masa dengan mereka :)

btw, reading surveys on bulletin boards are really getting annoying. i thought, the purpose of a bulletin is to promote sumthing, to spread news, and other stuff that are IMPORTANT?? wat bugs me is the title of those bulletins sounded like important, padahal it's just another survey that i believe has no significance in one's life except for the author herself. if u wanna say that u want to tell everybody about yourself or wat has been happening in your life... there are blogs and profile networks yang dah lengkap ada 'About Me' space.

p/s: tak tengok muka mel n myself lagi... we didn't get a clear photo on that. so, letak la one photo on anith ^_^

Monday, June 18, 2007

Alhamdulillah... tapi takot

so... the anticipation has ended. Alhamdulillah. it's mixed feelings right now. i'm not really sure wat to write. mixed mixed mixed feelings machigai kimochi. i know that i've been wanting to do Dentistry since i was in matrics, and this Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is a good university and that's the very reason why i applied for it. tapi... now that it is ALREADY in my hands.................. university tu kat KELANTAN weh!!!! takot. takot. takot.

NO NO NO, i should NOT be like this. think positive!!

yeah... i can do this!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Figure 8ight Junk Fest, syok one!!

umi went to kelantan, ayah went to singapore, the maid went back home.

when the cat's away, the mice will play :D

so, my sis, wani, her fren, haniza, n i went to Central Market (a place i never went before, can u believe it??) to attend Figure 8ight Junk Fest. ah, AT LAST!! i'm doing sumthing out of the ordinary (thanx, wani, sbab bawak aku :)). my time has been spent with shopping, shopping, n shopping, n it do bore me a little after awhile. i did go to sum of this kinda things, but... oh jarangnya. believe me, JARANG gila, that i can count using my fingers.

dah, cukup membebel. anyway, it was fun~ especially those stuff that they sold there :D ktorang yang serba x malu took free stuff, heh heh. begitu juga ada ambik gambar skit-skit. erm... sikit keeee...?

it was especially worth while since i got to see one of my favourite local bands, Tempered Mental!! wani ckp vox dia kene beli insurans jari, but i thought she's a great bassist. we also got to see Reef and Hujan. Hujan did a great performance! the crowd was... erm... too excited maybe, that the management had to ask half of the crowd to get out of there. apparently, the floor was about to collapse. it's an old building. u can't blame them -_- u should see the expression of the host. hahahah... macam buat-buat garang, but nobody moved at first until another guy suddenly appeared from nowhere jerit-jerit suruh gerak.

while i was browsing, suddenly, "zahirah!", terkezut! rupa-rupanya abang mokhtar of the Mokhtarizal Studio. i noticed him earlier, but he was busy at that time since he's the soundman of the event. had a nice little chat. dia dah kurus weh... i told him so, and he just laughed. the same, old, cool punya abang mokhtar. anyway, now that he's in charge of such event... he is getting sumwhere isn't it? gila ah... mula-mula took-over Pentatonic Studio. so, after wishing him luck, we all took off. mau hantar haniza balik ma. it's good to see him though, the person who helped my band A LOT, apart from abang hatta n kelvin. i wonder how r they... i heard abang hatta had another job. kelvin and his band, Milla? really like and miss their music :( guess what? i saw sum matricians too. wat a weird coincidence.

this thing caught wani's eyes. cantik jugak he...

bfor sending haniza home, we picked up adzwan. sent haniza home, n we headed to OU. punya ah susah nak decide apa nak makan! so, we narrowed down to 2 restaurants. Kenny Roger's and Nando's. Kenny Roger's kene tunggu lama nenek baru dapat makan, while Nando's was full apart from an angry man scolding the waiters. menyesal x ambil gambar masa tu!! so, last skali, Secret Recipe la jugakkkk. ok, kasi promo sikit.

muka lahap? saya faham...

weh!! first time weh!!! first time dapat habiskan noodle in tom yam soup ni!!! da la benda tu pedas bole mati. ok, kasi tunjuk moments yang mengharukan sikit.

abis makan, pegi window shopping lagi :D we came across this mysterious creeeeeepyyyy tabung. kasi tunjuk sikit.

okayh! x nampak sangat kan? ok, kasi close-up pulak!

the little green box seemed to be suspended in the mid air, and although all of the mirror and the box seemed to occupy all of the space in the black box, we could still put in sum quarters and quarters tu x nampak pun!!! WATTT????? O_O

Friday, June 15, 2007

erm... nice breeze and great past

it rained just now. susahnya nak bangun dari tido. i set my alarm clock to 10am. kept snoozing it untill 10.30am. u know how good it feels to sleep when its raining rite? ah, the weather today can't get any better!! i luv the breeze.

keputusan kemasukan IPTA was supposed to come out today according to Bernama, but, well... it doesn't look like it. quite disappointed. everybody is in anticipation.

congrats, mel, for getting great result!! i knew u can do it. dah cakap dah, tapi u x percaya -_-

p/s: ah! onaka ga suiteimasu yo! tabe-masho ne! furai sakana ari-masu~ soreja~

おなか が すいています よ! たべましょ ね! ふらいの さかな あります~ それじゃ~

Saturday, June 9, 2007

hari ni Ahmad balik

erm... so, my little brother, Ahmad, is on his way back to Kelantan (studying there). kali ni, sedih la pulak dia pergi. i'll be spending this holiday at home alone again. kalau dia ada, seronok sikit, ada subject untuk kacau. heh heh. i'm not a very good sister. if he's home, anytime i need a companion, he'll always be there. nak angkut pegi mana-mana pun dia x kisah, but i know his favourite. movies :) memang gila movies. his PSP memory stick are almost full because of those movies yang dia suka. his birthday is drawing nearer. 15th june. i don't really know wat to give him bcause he likes pricy things like play station stuff... so, i gave him my earphones. dia nak sangat. bagi je lah. umi once told me that Ahmad used to say, "kenapa umi ngan ayah slalu pukul Kak Ira? kesian dia...". that made me cry actually. anyway, i'm not that kind of person who shows affection much. i just enjoy his presence at home. with him, i can talk about almost everything. he's my reference for religious stuff (tapi, kadang-kadang dia boleh melebih-lebih... kena jaga-jaga), but i can still talk to him about guitars, music n watever. he's my only, genius, little brother :D

Thursday, June 7, 2007

sayang sama mereka

my second blog post here!! ^_^ anyhooo, today i had a day out with mel, fana, n anith~ at last, we got to get together. i mean... it had been 2 months already since i finished my matrics n i haven't seen them?? different case with mel. i got sum pics here, but most of them are... i don't know... upside- down?? kami memang begitu.

btw, crap... i did sumthing just now, but it's not a bad thing, but it didn't feel right at that time and i got paranoid n bugged all of them until we got home. ngeee... i really had a fun time with them. fana gumbira all the time, mel jenis sentiasa sinis, n anith senang disakat dan juga suka menyakat, makes everything in a perfect balance. sumtimes, i'm just amazed with the fact that they could stand my perangai. although sumtimes they say i am 'suka buat benda merepek', 'tak boleh layan', n sum other things... they hav been sticking with me through thick n thin. sebab itu saya sayang sama mereka. anyhoooo... this time, no anith bawak kereta anymore, since AIZAT CRASHED THE CAR which made all of us pissed off instead of feeling sympathy. especially me. nooooo... takpe!! only 1month to go, n i'll get my hands on my rightful driving license. think positive!! think positive!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

so here i am

ah... i had this account for quite awhile already, but haven't figured out how to use it, since i was too busy and too malas to do so. so, yeah... a new page this is. douzo yoroshiku ^_^ ~