Saturday, September 29, 2007


woohoooo~ i'll be home in less than 2 week for raya~!!! ^_^ altho it's only for a week :P i really need to defrag this brain of mine.

since the past continuous exam, everybody here seems to be on tip-toe. it's extremely hard to see them having a break. this freaks me out. will i be like that? i think i'm already 1/2 way through. seriously, i've never been in such situation bfor. people here don't really do last minute studies. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA takot siot

Friday, September 21, 2007

Al-Fatihah untuk Allahyarhamah adik Nurin Jazlin Jazimin


"KUALA LUMPUR 21 Sept. - Tangisan dan deraian air mata orang ramai, tanpa mengira kaum, umur dan keturunan, mengiringi pemergian Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, kanak-kanak mangsa culik yang mati dibunuh, ketika dikebumikan di Tanah Perkuburan Islam Taman Ibu Kota, Gombak, di sini petang ini.
Jenazah itu dimasukkan ke liang lahad tepat pada pukul 2.45 petang ini selepas solat Jumaat, sambil disaksikan oleh ibu bapanya, Jazimin Abdul Jalil, 33, dan Norazian Bistaman, 35, dan kaum keluarga serta jiran...."

it was discovered that the bacterial infection due to rupture of the rectum caused by insertion of brinjal and cucumber is one of the factor that lead to her death. buat pertama kali, aku tak rasa bersalah cakap ni. vulgar ke tak vulgar. bastard. the person who did it is a real bastard, sexmaniac, psychopath, pathetic! what's wrong with people nowadays? stick with watching porno, will ya. keep your hands off innocent people! i wonder what was in that psycho's head when he did such sinful act on an innocent child? all values put aside for the sake of the devil's whisper?? may he burn in hell. only God can forgive him.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

hoodlee DOOO!!!!

at last!!! my medic continuous exam 1 is over!!! all i can do now is to pray and hope T_T insya Allah. jeepers... i should not be too relieved since the dental continuous exam 1 is just around the corner. barely 10 days left. T_T again. anyhoo, we all deserve a REST!!! at least a day. that will do. thank you.

my place and ain's looked like a dumpster. the aftermath of the exam.

gila man, i slept from 5pm to 9pm today. kata orang - qadha' tidur - defined as to cover back all those almost sleepless nights. since encik bulan datang melawat lagi, i couldn't fast, which means no sesi berbuka puasa too. so, as predicted, i woke up with the sound of my stomach doing its usual drumroll. the cafe is only open till 7pm. i could not help but to think of deliveries. straight to the phone, tooot! tooot! tooot!, called pizza hut :D hella it caused me a fortune (macam beli rumah je), but it's worth it. stomach condition is at its best right now :)

oh yea... i forgot. i have lactose intolerance. i ate cheese. it's a dairy product. bad news, roomies, but, hey, i read in a magazine sumthing about farts might make you healthy. HOW VIIIIIIEEEEEERD!!

esok ada entrepreneurship quiz. what a fuss. oh, i forgot (again). i have not written anything on this entrepreneurship thingy, have i? well, it seems that they added yet another module to our already 99% packed curriculum. the entrepreneurship module. apparently, mr. i-dunno-who-on-earth-but-might-be-a-VVIP complained about graduates lacking in entrepreneurship. dr fadhli complained too, except that he's on our side. he said sumthing about what does entrepreneurship has to do with dentistry. perhaps the government wants us to open our own dental clinic instead of clinging to theirs. as an ambivalent person, there is a part of it that i like. for once, sumthing related to the curriculum requires the students to interact with others. bagus juga. and, it brought me back to eustress condition, which is good.

SO! the practical part was over last couple of weeks. we had to do sum business on our Hari Terbuka Desa. can you believe it? they made us do it 2 weeks before the exam. Alhamdulillah, we made sum profit. not bad for a dental student. not bad at all.

(left to right: akak senioritas, ikrar, mail, hafiz, iqbal) check out those 3 guys. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH CANNOT GO!!!!

p/s: vocabulary of the day: cannot go = tak bole bla

Sunday, September 16, 2007

when everything falls apart, you turn to...

*a few days ago*

something happened here and it bugged me like hell. fikiran rimas serabut! i guess i'd been keeping everything to myself and could not find anybody here to talk to. unexpectedly, umi gave me a call, and like all homo sapien with feelings, i broke down and cried. i think i cried out about 2/3 of my body fluid :P ayah kata, kalau orang tu memang hanya buat hati kita susah, elaklah dia. tapi, jangan sampai kita asingkan diri. i'm not the kind of person who explodes easily, but once i do, forgiving and forgetting will take a long long long time. i told ayah, i tried to follow his and umi's advice, but i just could not bring myself to talk to them. ayah replied sumthing like, Rasulullah S.A.W berkata, kalau bercakap itu perak, diam itu adalah lebih baik. buat baik berpada-pada, jahat jangan sekali. don't be too nice to sumbody. you'll never know when they'll do crappy stuff to you :P

parents always give the best advice :D

p/s:i guess... as long as you haven't lived with that person, you'll never get to know his/her real self, right?

Friday, September 7, 2007

berhenti main-main

well, played this game a number of times... erm... maybe a lil bit more... OK, LOTSA times. wanted to install other games, but, there's almost no way i can control myself then.

hm... beberapa hari ni sangat mendebarkan. buat pertama kali, akan ambil exam selanjar 1 medic & dental. belum tahu lagi tinggi rendah langit. last year, only 30% of medic + dental students passed it. let me emphasize on that ya. PASSED. bukan dapat A. hopefully, i'll be in that group this time. insya-Allah. wish me luck n all the best yah!

2 orang kesayangan suda ntah apa jadi. saya sedih.

these few days juga sangat rasa penat. bangun pun lambat. subuh terlajak slalu :( alarm clock berbunyi, tapi automatic je tangan 'PAP!!' tekan snooze. perhaps kene tukar sikit pemikiran. ikut kata ain roommate... da dalam kepala macam tu! yah, mungkin juga. duration tidur pun decrease perlahan2. sacrifice for a better future. insya-Allah worth it. for my parents. most importantly, for myself.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

selamat hari merdeka!!!

happy 50th independence day~

this time, i celebrated it in another state other than slangor. another different enviroment :) sue n i went to kb mall (where else...) kononnya nak release tension. besides, we deserve a break :P

that's a pic of sue n two chumil chinese girls i took while we were buying some name stickers for sue. i think, this is one of the beautiful side of kelantan. the chinese and indian here speak malay with kelantanese accent. bagus kan?

around 10pm, we headed back to the campus. main-main sikit. tengok RTM (XD), did countdown together with orang bilik depan and roommate. ini mungkin kelakar... tapi, agak dibanggakan... we actually stood up when the Negaraku song was played. well, sum people laughed about this, but, should u call yourself a patriot if u can't even do such petty thing?

the next day, it's back to the table, babe. this is how my table usually looks like. serabut tak kemas sakai. ah! so what! ketupat, i berak u jilat, i kentut, u sedut! ahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah *puas hati ^_^*

yesterday, the Nasyid Symphony Independence Concert (direct translation haha) was held here. ada abang muka jamboo chumil performed. hahahhaa, rossak... rossak... he's actually in this Nasyid group called Devotees which performed at that night. anyhooo~ i was very happy and totally enjoyed the show mainly bcause i haven't done such thing since i was standard 6. when i was in sekolah agama (standard 1-6), a nasyid group, Raihan, used to come there many times. masuk skolah menengah, memang no chance ah. paling banyak, diorang panggil... R... E...S... RESHMONU! gah~