Wednesday, November 28, 2007

back home tomolo!

Posted 25/11/2007 11:06
"moh le tengok gamba anak2 sdare ko kat page aku~ dorang smua rindu ko doh~ asek nyebut mak ira kih3"
that was a comment sent to me by wani. reading that, i know too well that i'm missing lotsa things. things will be the same for the next 4 1/2 years i guess. sumtimes, it gets too tempting to just change course, but thank God our education system doesn't work that way. u can't simply change course. this is a choice i made although without too much of thinking. i won't regret insya-Allah. i'll work my ass off now, battling to have my personal time in the future. i don't want a job that costs me my quality time. aku tak mahu kerja yang mencampur adukkan halal haram. i don't want a job involving politics, but that's impossible. at least i can avoid most of it in the future by being a dentist insya Allah. i want to give a smile to everybody. this might be the best choice. ah, how melancholic :P

Monday, November 26, 2007

another reason to uptake your cholesterol

i think, it's time for me to contribute sumthing thru this thing we call blog. let's digest sum scientific stuff...... NNNNEEEERRRDDD!!! (ahahahhaa, apa salah nya skali skala XD)
-guess what? high level of cholesterol is actually related to intelligence
reason: cholesterol contributes to increase in velocity of impulse transmission in your nerve cells
-the trick about eating lots of vegie with meat is, phytosterol in vegies which is a type of sterol (just like cholesterol) competes with cholesterol for absorption in your intestines
-don't eat lotsa liver (for those people who like to eat hati ayam lah apa lah). u might get vitamin A toxicity.

it's 2.07am and i am trying to channel out this boredom after squeezing the juice out of my brain to the last drop...................................................... that sounds disgusting. oh, i'm listening to the radio O.O i can't really remember when was the last time i did that. lately, the songs are becoming more stereotype than ever. it gets extremely obvious when i try to play them on the guitar. most involves the same chords. chet. do u notice one thing about hip hop songs (x r&b)? i mean, the not really good ones. they make this short length music, and they just repeat it until 4-5minutes, and voilla!! u get a hip hop song making its way into the billboard top 100! how amusing. not to mention about the lyric. all about cheapness? cheap ladies? cheap guys (XD)? cheap life? everything gets sooo cheap nowaday, isn't it? hope it goes the same with groceries n stuff. i'm draining my money on stuff like laundry and detergents.

ok, i don't know where is this heading actually. till next post, oyasuminasai!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

distress @ stress @ eustress?

stressed of course. exam is drawing nearer, and nearer, and nearer, and nearer, an.... this time, it'll be the challenge to either maintaining the result, or perhaps improving it. sedar tak sedar, dah masuk selanjar 2. next is selanjar 3. then, the professional 1. then, year 2!! year 3!! year 4!! year 5!! graduation!! looking forward to that! 4tahun lebih je lagi. insya-Allah boleh! anyway, Alhamdulillah, USM diiktiraf sebagai universiti ke-2 terbaik dalam Malaysia selepas UM :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

oleh itu

i don't need a friend who is moody most of the time. my day is not for you to crush.
i don't need a friend who only spits out lies. your body speaks your mind.
i don't need a friend who is selfish. i have my own limit of selflessness.
i don't need a friend who fakes herself in front of me. i am not that stupid to figure you out.
i don't need a friend who doesn't share my happiness. the world doesn't revolve around you.
i don't need a friend who never admits her mistake. ego bukan untuk dibela.

i am not a person to be kicked around. i am absolutely not your 'reserve' friend. i know too well that many more people are by my side. you are absolutely not needed here. thank you for making me think that 'friendship' was actually in your dictionary. obviously it's not. i'm sorry if this hurt you. actually, i'd be surprise if it do because my mind is denying that you have feelings. maybe you have, but it's for you and... yourself alone. hope you will not do the same thing to other so-called 'friends' you still have. it's just a matter of time for your real self to show up.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


aku takut. takut aku lupa di mana bumi dengan rezeki yang melimpah-ruah ni. aku takut. takut aku rasa takbur. riak. sombong. aku takut. takut sangat. takut aku akan rasa superior. takut wujudnya bisikan "aku paling hebat" dalam diri. aku takut. takut aku meninggi diri, memandang rendah yang lain. aku takut. takut diri lupa Tuhan dengan semua yang dah Dia bagi pada aku. takut aku tak berasa syukur. aku takut. takutkan tanggungjawab yang berat di bahu. takut kalau aku tak dapat menunaikan janji yang telah aku buat di alam roh dulu. aku takut. takut aku leka dengan nikmat yang Allah bagi. takut aku terlampau khusyuk dengan hal duniawi. takut aku lupa dosa pahala. aku takut, aku takut, aku sangat takut. aku patut sentiasa beringat.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

aku berjiwa lelaki?

city ruins life quality, don't you think so?

anyway, yesterday, sum dental students had a practice for a performance we're about to do this 6th november. only 3 days away *jeepers*. we'll be doing a pantomime. as anybody can predict, i'll be the music again XD sumhow, words about my performances at matrix previously passed around here. near midnight, i hung out with sum of the dental guys. agaknya diorang jakon tengok perempuan main guitar which is not a rare thing in subang. aku jadi kuli batak/jukebox busuk doing all their requests. the next thing i knew was we were talking about games. i said i like warcraft the most. tiba-tiba... diorang kata 'dia ni memang berjiwa lelaki'................................................................. WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT!!! aku x boleh terima hakikat! biasa je la perempuan buat benda-benda ni.

tapi... bila fikir betul-betul balik... mungkin ada betulnya jugak. back home, i'll be the macgyver, repairing all those stuff which was supposed to be my elder brother's job. barbie dolls were not my best interest. all dolls that i got ended up with their hair being cut. when all girls were still fancying main masak-masak, i was busy playing Sango Fighter, Street Fighter, n Mortal Kombat with my elder brother. as i enter adolescence, when all girls were busy fancying guys, i was busy learning how to play guitar and other musical instruments, but above all, i never regret that they happened. perhaps because i made ayah my main idol. i admire how he handles problems. staying calm is his style. that's why i have issues with people urging me and being gelabah. he always have reasons behind his every action. yang lain selalu marah dia. mungkin sebab diorang tak faham cara dia. he always think a step ahead. i realized lately that i'm already adopting this. selalu aja orang marah aku sebab tak faham apa aku fikir. benci betul. >:o

masa awal-awal dulu, ayah punya la seronok aku kena campak kat kelantan ni. mungkin bagi dia, akhirnya aku dapat dipisahkan dari subang yang penuh dengan kotoran hitam. jangan salah anggap. memang saya sayang subang. macam-macam dapat belajar kat sana, but the reality is... subang memang penuh dengan benda kotor. betul juga... memang duduk kat kelantan ni, kurang sikit syaitan aku XD solat pun Alhamdulillah hampir cukup. kadang-kadang tertidur, terlajak T_T zahirah... zahirah...