Tuesday, December 25, 2007


saya tak pandai berkata, tapi...

jangan putus di tengah jalan ya.
altho sum of us will be turning into a different direction at this road with uncountable junctions, i hope we'll still use that walkie talkie and talk to each other.
eventhough each of us will be at different ends of the road, i hope that we'll use flyovers and see each other.
despite meeting new people along our journey, i hope that every one of us will never forget each other with whom they started the journey.

i am totally absolutely gila 100% grateful to have them in my life. mereka yang sabar dengan kerenah saya.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

december yang penuh

brrrrrr... it's freezing cold right now, but it's nothing compared to negri sembilan matrics at 6am when u can't even see the room next to yours. so, here i am spending my time as if it worths a penny. patut pulang ke meja belajar :P
talking about december 2007. i had a great hols! thanks to stuck crew and family! had shopping therapy to the max! bought looootsa stuff!

had stucks gathering, which means i should start ticking that 'Hopeful List'. guess who's the chef? not me, not anith, not mellie, not stuck crew, but AIZAT! adik anith yang telah meranapkan kereta dulu2!! aaah, berguna juga budak ni. hoh hoh. not bad juga dia masak. makasih bangat! so, next time, gathering will be at anith's again! jeah~

had a vacation. a short one. adventurous one. penuh ke'cerita jepun'an. penuh dengan ke'mat saleh di pantai'an. penuh dengan ke'beach yang lawa'an. :)

pimple siuuut T_T

matrics fren BOOSOO called me too. budak chumil yang suka kacau lipid orang. melampau sungguh XD (boosoo, lu tgh baca ni x? heh heh heh)

ayah's birthday will be at the end of this month. harus beli apa ya? harus beli apaaa T_T i usually depend on wani to decide and i'll just cash out sum money. bukankah lagi mudah?

the whole family is in egypt right now. our annual vacation T_T sedih sungguh. here i am di kelantan hanya bermimpikan piramid piramid. takpe lah. sunway pyramid pun jadi la. i wonder how wani is right now. with all those bumpy rides. HEH HEH HEH.

result exam pun dah kluar. Alhamdulillah, mungkin tak berapa flying colours, tapi masih boleh digembirakan. hoh. THINK POSITIVE!! THINK POSITIVE!!

p/s: a gift for mellie

HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! cool ah pic ni XDDDD

:a gift from mellie

hmph! melampau sungguh!