Thursday, February 28, 2008

identity theft

orang meniru, mencuri identiti kita. perkara ini sedang berleluasa. amaran. poyo gila aku haha.

anyway, ick, i'm not feeling very well today, but not seeing a doc either. i want to avoid taking medicine, that's all. about the end of year 1 hols that was cut short from 3 weeks to a week, all i can say is... i'm heart broken. blaaah! here's the issue - umi asked me whether i want to go to Jakarta and i said "nak, nak!". a week after that, umi called me again, saying that we're going somewhere else... for 2 weeks... rupa-rupanya, she planned to bring me to London n Paris just after i got the news from En. Lah that the hols was cut short...............................................................................AAAAAAAAAAAAAAArgh!! i'm not really a selfish person, so i told umi that she should just proceed with the plan... without me :'( just bring ahmad. cranium box aku la, umi cakap plan ni mmg made for me since i was left out from almost all family vacations for the past year. begitulah pengorbanan seorang pelajar pergigian. :P

phew, what a relief, back on track about the Convex thing. well, uhm... apparently i'm supposed to lead the Periodontics booth in the Convex (convocasion exhibition) which will be held in the Main Campus, USM Penang. see you there in August!! lambat lagi pun... tapi, proposal punya pasal memang kasi headache sungguh. next Thursday, will have to hand in the proposal. Dr. Erry Mochamad Arief is our advisor. dia bagus bangat!!!! next Monday will finalise the proposal and present it to Dr. seterusnya cari sponsor. masa untuk menjadi parasite berjaya Colgate :D kena asah balik communication skill yang dah berkarat, berhabuk, bersawang, beretc. etc. etc.

sebenarnya, masa interview Convex tu, HiCom tanya kalau kitorang tak nak mana-mana stesyen. Periodontics station was my answer. tapi... hm... begitulah ceritanya :P bagaimanapun, sekarang sudah ubah fikiran :) kalau tak dapat booth ni, tak dapat baik sangat dgn current team members, tak dapat kenal Dr. Erry lebih dalam (esp. since he'll be teaching us in Year 2, insya Allah), tak dapat faham kepentingan Periodontics dan macam2 lagi!! ^_^ setiap perkara itu ada hikmahnya, JEAH~

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the TOUCH is making a comeback :D

whooppoo, i'm starting to get better at searching for music notes again. FINALLY!! i thought i already forgot how to do so, considering my performance on several nights before when apdanish jammed. gumbiraaaaaa (*-*)V (anyway, do you understand that emoticon?)

random thoughts:
booooy am i glad we're not a bunch of stereotypes.
the debate is killing me
the politics is killing me... BADLY!
reading newspaper these few days is really useless
POLITICS POLITICS, surprise, surprise
that pole in front there has potential to collapse with hundreds of flags attached to it. they would be happy if that happened, i guess
i wouldn't want to listen to any speech by tok pa (menteri pengajian tinggilah!)
the hols after a year of studying will be only for a week. please, wake me up from this nightmare

Saturday, February 23, 2008

my ribs... adeh...

so, the interSGD games are over!! razi must be feeling good about this. lol. what we had was 7 childish games *puuu puuuu* *chuckles* eg. carry the ping pong ball using the spoon and run in the sack. dang, i got laughed like crap for that. i was fast (amazingly), but was like a rabbit in the same time... and so they said :P hah~ well~ whadda~ i was fast, anyway! that's what matters the most. the last game was the TUG-OF-WAR (tarik tali) and i joined it. they put me as the anchor and tied the end of the rope around me. our opponents were strong, SERIOUSLY!!! well, what can i say? they had longer side of the rope and rougher earth for better grip. ngaaaaaaaah (*o*) at the end, after my team was defeated, the other team was still pulling the rope. that was the craziest part!!! the rope around me didn't stay at my hips, but it climbed to my ribs instead. can you imagine getting pulled forward, tied to a rope, and having your ribs crushed? 3 rounds, mind you. after the 3rd round, involuntarily, i shouted and asked somebody to take the rope off. shame. what a whiner... worried everybody. i really feel guilty for that... :( sorry. anyhoo, the pain wore off quite quickly just they way they came. thank God, but it was fun after all :D everybody was so energetic FINALLY! it's not that easy to get all medic and dental students laughing, cheering, and having fun, all at the same time, you know.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

terbang terbang terbaaaaang

syefah has flied to australia. tomorrow morning, yet another friend, nazi, will do the same. australia shall be her destination, insya Allah. several friends are about to fly too. to several countries. absolutely going to miss their presence (when i come home) a lot. nevertheless, i wish them all the best. they will do good, insya Allah. thank God there is the technology connecting people within thousand miles of distance with just a few clicks and keys. feeling sad, but i should be greatful that the rest of stucks are here for good ;)

Thursday, February 7, 2008



yes, it is not a lie, and never will it be. it has been almost a month since my AVG antivirus software broke down and i had to uninstall it... without replacing it with another one *smiles guiltily*. after awhile, i started to notice that the computer was getting slower and until last evening, the computer started to emit some weird noises like "nyet nyet nyet" and "tchkik tchkik" and it was running slower than a greatgrandpa's sprint and i knew too well that i HAVE to install one whether i like it or not. that's when the battle started.

it felt like playing the warcraft against a crazy tough clan. i typed 'anti virus software' on Yahoo and the computer started to emit those weird sounds again. then all of a sudden, a window popped up saying 'Close Tabs?'. apparently, the computer was trying to close down the internet explorer. i thought i accidently clicked 'Close', until a few attempts made after that, but being me, i tried to think positive and made theories like "orang PKT ni block kot..." since they do have this bad habit of blocking websites. i tried to open and this time, no window popped up, but the internet straight away closed down itself!! WHAT THE HEAVEN WOI!!! CANNOT GOOOO!!!!

it appeared as if the virus recognizes the word 'antivirus' and shuts down everything associated with that word. this is no longer a theory. i tested it. i did. i typed 'norton' on Yahoo, and nothing happened. then, i typed 'norton anti virus' and *poof* it closed down the internet. to make it short, in the end, i won. :P thank God. seriously, THANK GOD.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

cny hols

aku makan banyak sangat dah ni... -_-"

that's the main prob when the exam is starting to tap on your shoulders. brrrr, meremang bulu mengenang exam... but then, WHAT ON EARTH AM I DOING HERE, TYPING THIS POST??? AAAA!! kebelakangan ni terdapat beberapa hal yang merunsingkan minda. gangguan mental sungguh. hmph!!

well, well, i won't be coming home this cny hols. medic exam dekat gila dah ni. belajar seciput pun tak sampai. worries worries worries. anyway, will be back home this 14th, after the exam. will be creating my own hols. ponteng satu hari kuliyah. gotta get a break -_- lama-lama duduk sini, mental makin terganggu.

wahai Stucks, saya tidak sabar menunggukan 15 haribulan untuk tiba!!! SYOK!!

ai... musti betulkan braces ni. gigi dah rupa apa pun tak tahu. spring braces ni macam buat gigi makin pelik. malu betul budak dental, tapi gigi tak betul. patient pun tak nak datang kalau pandang dentist mcm ni. geez...

tadi nampak dr. massa makan dekat kafe bangunan sains perubatan. HEH HEH.

sadly, da lama tak nampak mr. jpop. sad T_T

i really need a break.