Saturday, May 31, 2008

jakarta mali

so, technically, i'll be going to Jakarta, Indonesia today, in the evening, but not really sure about the exact time for the departure. it'll be a short 5 days trip, but i'm looking forward to a whole lot more! since we'll have a stop in Bandung where it's said to be the center of the underground scene in Indonesia, i'm hoping to witness some of that too. masa utk *kachia* *kachia* *konica*! Indonesia, negara yang mempunyai potensi yang amat tinggi sekali tetapi telah disia-siakan oleh pentadbir yang korup. hm. wish me a safe journey yah, insya Allah...

as most of you might have known, internet is full of useful informations but they come with a lot of bull crap too. there had been many bulletins saying this product is haram, and that product is haram, but so far, about 80% of them had been proved to be false (according to my own observation). i hope that my fellow muslims will think and investigate more on such accusations before posting them on the bulletin board. i'm worried that if we don't do so, we might be making 'fitnah's. although the intention of some of it is to benefit Islam, if the method is not right, it's better to think of another alternative.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


eh ehhh, that surprised me yesterday. the first thought that struck me was - dapat lepas pula diorang ni nak buat gig dekat kelantan. tapi bila fikir balik... laaaa, diorang buat dekat hotel ke! macam band-band hotel la ni. fikir sekali lagi - ni campur makan minum, sewa hotel mahal, mau 'up' harga dia. then, i found out that it's RM50/entry. haaa, dah agak dah! but, then again, it's butterfingers! pastilah aku mahu tengok. especially since the date of the gig coincides with the date when i'll be going back to kelantan - 8th june 2008. my flight will be around 10am, all those registeration and etc... sempat pergi kot. tak sangka mereka akan naik kembali :) adakah mereka masih bagus seperti dulu?

next is the hardest part - finding a friend to accompany me -_-" siapa laaa dekat USM tu yang minat... 3_3

cuti tinggal 10 hari sahaja. beratnya hatiku...

Monday, May 26, 2008

perkataan lama

tahi!! i don't appreciate people telling the same thing to me again and again. see, my limbic system and psychic part in my brain is still capable of remembering some stuff, kay. i don't care if it's done in a nice tone or not, it bugs me... AND! sumhow, i am SUPER sensitive to the tone of anybody's voice.

anyway, the actual purpose of writing this blog is... P IS HERE!!!

P P P!!! thank God thank God thank God!! bukan. bukan baby p, wahai stucks, tapi LESEN P!!! i know that it's kind of late already, but still! satu kejayaan dalam hidupku yang kecil ini.

frankly, i had the chance to complete my driving license after SPM, but i did not.

ceritanya begini...

pada suatu hari, zahirah yang sangat pemalas fikir dia boleh dapat keputusan SPM bagus walaupun malas belajar kerana keputusan-keputusan peperiksaan besarnya sebelum ini tidaklah busuk sangat walaupun tidak berusaha cukup. Tuhan bagi rezeki, tak bersyukur pula. kata orang, sepandai-pandai tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh juga ke tanah (walaupun tidak dapat nak kaitkan sangat dengan keadaan sebenarnya). Allah lebih mengetahui apa yang baik untuk hamba-Nya, dan dengan kuasa-Nya (dan tanpa usaha yang setimpal), zahirah telah mendapat keputusan SPM yang sangat menyedihkan dan DOWN. hal ini telah menyebabkan zahirah mendapat 'trauma mengahadapi ujian' dan tidak berani menduduki ujian undang-undang untuk mendapatkan lesen Lnya. perkara ini berterusan hingga dia mendapat surat tawaran dari pihak matrikulasi.

ada sedikit menyedihkan bukan?

Sunday, May 25, 2008


i just don't understand which part of 'gossip'ing that's fun apart from yet another american trend brought into our americana-deprived malaysia. i mean... when did that become a trend? when MENGUMPAT is translated into GOSSIPING, perhaps? that's why i tend to pull myself out of a conversation when it turns to that direction. lately, a number of people related to me passed away. young people. it made me think that, what if i've ever talked bad about that person? the sin you've committed to God, God might forgive that, but with another person... you've got to ask forgiveness from that person.

see, when i start to talk about this kind of things, some people will show me weird expressions, but... face it. we're already grown ups. we're not high school kids that could not differentiate between what's right and what's not. janganlah perasan macam budak-budak sekolah. bila nampak budak-budak pergi sekolah, pandai pula gelakkan.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

totally bleached!

my legs are wobbly right now, but my mood is at its top! ^_^

just got back from an extremely short but great vacation in Port Dickson with farhanah, mellie, anith, may, tra :') well, it's not really far from subang, but, it's a start. makasih, ayah, apartment itu sangat lawa!!

the vacation coincided with anith's burfday, so, we decided to celebrate it together, but before that, we had our lunch at a warong in the Pekan Lama PD... it was not very enjoyable for some of them, i'm afraid. the ais batu kacang uses colourings that sticked to my hand for hours... gila racun! may only ate 2 spoons of her mi bandung and was all moody after that XD but as soon as we reached secret recipe to buy anith's burfday cake, all of a sudden, may brightened up HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

i wonder what'll happen if may is to be sent to kelantan and study there (no way! i can't picture that in my mind!).

(can you imagine how SARDINE we all were? anith insisted on fitting all of us in one car. bagus jugak, baru mcm THE MORE THE MERRIER)

by the time we checked in and stuff, the time was already near 4.30pm which means......... BEACH TIME!!!! the best part about that was the BANANA BOAT :D anith, may, n i poured helluva effort to persuade tra, fana, n mellie to ride it with us and YOSH! SUKSES! and now they are the ones that are all excited about it HOHO

oh, anyway...


lots of camwhoring sessions and the candles were blown by the burfday girl~ cake was great ^.^ then, mellie, fana, n i bade farewell to tra, anith, n may. it was sad. haaa...

then, the 3 of us had our dinner at a restaurant beside the beach. the place was beautiful, really! lighting's perfect, the environment was voila~ you should try, but please be prepared to have beautiful money in your wallet too lol. melayang duit aku malam tu hahah~ we had steamboat called Dynasty steamboat (apa tah) and some thai food.

although according to the menu, the steamboat was for 2 people, it didn't really seem like that to us. we couldn't even finish it up. i think, it's safe to say that the steamboat could serve 5 people at least! had to call umi n ayah to the rescue :P but the satisfaction was there, absolutely!

(that's only a verrry small part of our food)

the plan for the next day was supposed to be a walk at the beach, but... uhm... semua bangun lambat -_-" for the first time, i had cake for my breakfast. we went back with my parents, since anith and may were not there to drive us home T_T thought we got all tired? well, you got it wrong. we stopped at pyramid around noon to watch Iron Man and Narnia 2 Prince Caspian (that'll be the second time for mellie and i) and went back around 10pm.

summary is it was FABULOUS!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

uh oh

i think i just made someone too flattered with herself. patutlah ayah kata pujian itu hanya membuatkan orang lupa, and that makes the very reason i prefer to praise somebody behind his/her back.

change of topic -_-

i just read wani's blog about something like the 'IN' thing right now, but i don't know how i ended up thinking of home cookings. i miss them... i miss them terribly :'( i miss umi's bubur lambuk. you gotta try it, tell you! i miss umi's kuey teow goreng although it causes my stomach to ache. see, i have sensitive stomach and skin. so, basically, i make a good 'rotten food' detector -_-" there's this one time when wani cooked mi goreng pedas, just that one time. i liked it a lot!! i miss umi's ikan asam pedas. wahsaiiii~ conditioned salivary secretion already right now... sumhow, i couldn't recall missing any of ahmad, along, or ayah's cooking. hahahaha, i guess the talent doesn't run in the guys. it must be a sex-related gene. lol. which means, i can cook too!!! hahahaha, CRAP!

Monday, May 5, 2008

see here, see here

ha, panjang, sini tutor class nya.

lesson 1 : how to put links in your blog :D


At the Dashboard, click 'Layout'.


A page such as this should appear. Then, click 'Add a Page Element'


Next, as you click 'Add a Page Element', a window displaying the picture above should pop-up.

Finally, a page such as this should load. using the HTML code as written on the diagram above, you can insert links as you like. TQ~ ^_^

Friday, May 2, 2008

long area >_<

back from Rantau Panjang with a little disappointment. Rantau Panjang was not like what i expected. since the place is so famous among people in east Malaysia, i thought, hm... maybe it's something like the bazaar i went with my family near Sarawak-Kalimantan border. there are lots of things there, for sure, but almost none captured my interest. some of the things are quite expensive, surprisingly, and most shops sell the same thing. that reminds me much of a bazaar i visited in Turkey named The Souz. after barely 2 hours, izzaty, zu, jijah, and i made our way back home. had a pit stop at Tesco to have our lunch and get our hands on some sushi. pada hari itu, buat pertama kalinya, saya telah makan KFC untuk sarapan.

that's warong Farah Tom Yam near USM. jalan-jalan cari makan, kafe tutup pukul tujuh. so, for the next 5 days, we'll be dining out. di tempat2 yang tak classy tapi sedap tapi takde hygiene. lol. welcome to Kelantan, people ;)


i'm supposed to be in subang right now. kononnya nak naik kereta api balik macam Hogwart style hahahahahaha!!! what a childish imagination. unfortunately, after calling my younger brother, Ahmad, i found out that i was supposed to buy the ticket early................... haaa, there goes the plan for Hogwart experience, rocketing away just like that. oleh itu, kembali ke rancangan asal. 8th may baru balik. semoga kita berjumpa lagi.