Tuesday, August 26, 2008


yesterday, Ayah forwarded me a slideshow that moved me so much especially since it came from... my dad and not some friend from somewhere. i've been noticing more and more people around me choosing their friends over parents. so, i'd like to share the content with everybody out there. here goes...

Dear son, dear daughter,

The day you find that I have become
very old, try to have some patience with me and try to understand me

If I get dirty while eating, if I have
some difficulty dressing... be patient! Remember the hours that I spent teaching
you these things when you were small

If I repeat the same things dozens of
time, do not interrupt me! Listen to me! When you were small, you kept asking me
to read you the same story, evening after evening, until you fell asleep, and I
did it happily!

If I do not wash myself under the
shower, do not reprimand and do not tell me that it is a shame. Remember how
many excuses I had to invent to make you take a bath when you were

By seeing my ignorance of new
technologies, do not laugh at me but give me time to understand.

I taught you so many things... to eat
well... to dress well... to behave well... how to confront the problems of the

If I sometimes lose memory or
am not able to follow a conversation, give me the necessary time to recollect
and if I do not get there, do not become a nervous and arrogant person because
the most important thing for me,... is to be with you and to be able to speak to

If I refuse to eat, do not force me! I
know very well when I am hungry and when I am not hungry...

When my poor legs will not allow me to
move as before... Help me in the same way as when I held your hands to teach you
take your first steps.

And when one day, I shall say to you
that I do not want to live anymore... That I want to die, do not get angry...
because one day, you will also understand!

Try to understand that at certain age,
we do not really live anymore. We simply survive!

One day, you will understand that in
spite of all my errors, I always wanted what was best for you.

You do not have to feel sad,
unfortunate or incompetent in front of my old age and of my state. You have to
stay near me, try to understand what I live for.

Help me walk, help me to end my life
with love and patience. The only thing that I need from you is a smile and a lot
of love.

I love you... my son, my daughter!
-Your Dad, your Mum.

The bolded part is the saddest part especially because I've seen many similar cases in the hospital or even my own relatives. When the person can't remember your name anymore, you just feel so distant all of a sudden.

Everybody makes a mistake... even our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), but a mistake is really a mistake if you did nothing to rectify it. As long as you're still breathing while reading this post, it's not too late to turn back. This is but a one way street.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

another major mission done!!!

another major mission is accomplished! it was tiresome and troublesome too, but 'twas fun nevertheless! kata Ayah, kalau cakap ,"sedap tapi pedas", maksudnya, kita tekankan part 'pedas' tu, tapi kali ni, saya akhiri ayat saya dengan, "... 'twas fun nevertheless". mana taknya, setiap malam keluar dengan 100+ ConVex members.

yeah, i went to Penang before, tapi itu... mungkin masa zaman fetus kot. ntah lah, tak dapat ingat langsung -_-"

how do i find Penang? hm... hm... lemme see... came there with hopes as high (or maybe higher) as Mount Everest to find the best mamak food around, but came back with the hopes crushed to bits. Selangor proved we have the best mamak food :DDD came with expectation to see a very conservative place, but awed at how developed Penang is. well, at least the shopping malls are great! put Komtar, Prangin Mall, n Bukit Jambul Complex out of the list kay! since we're only given 1-2 hours to spend at each mall, so, we ended up doing arcade-hunting instead of shopping which was syioook gila!!!!! did karaoke for EIGHT SONGS, it was ALL OUT baybeh. my voice was very hoarse the day after but it was worth it. also brought the girls to Sushi King since i want them to taste better sushis than those at Tesco which frankly are over-vinegared (is there such word?) and give me nausea.

(pic above shows Yana and Jijah, all satisfied after having 2 plates of Golden Balls which are made up of boiled eggs with golden crisp coating and 10+ plates of sushi before hand; Min sensing an emetus coming after having one unagi sushi, and i, with a mouth full of sushi)

during the convocation exhibition, what we did was standing at our respective booth and educating visitors, but in my case, things were a little different. since my booth concentrated on periodontics and oral hygiene care, i found them quite monotonous. so, feeling a little bit more creative, i decided to tell horror stories to visitors such as... how simple things like tooth caries can lead to respiratory tract obstruction and many more. i didn't exactly say that it can lead to death, but i left the rest to their imagination. then, i told them pranks that the pharmaceutical companies had been playing on us and they were amazed by the facts too. next, i showed somge horror pictures to exaggerate my already-exaggerated stories. in the end, what i got was great satisfaction just by witnessing their expressions and reactions. see, i just want them to learn how important it is to take care of your teeth and to be educated about dentistry. we're not all about teeth okay? please don't insult us.

then, there are some pharmacy students came to attack me with questions within their field. guess it was a bad choice to choose to attack the batch leader instead of other dental students. many talked on fluoride level and bladdah bladdah, but thank God, i was all prepared. i remember this one first year student came to me, claiming that Colgate and Darlie are haram. he said those stuff contain gelatin. gosh... gelatin is not only extracted from pigs okay? that's how i argued back. gelatin can be extracted from any animal and as far as i'm concerned, there are such animals like cow and fish. geez... besides, they already got halal certificate from JAKIM and i asked him whether he has confidence in JAKIM or not. whatever it is, i always enjoy educational talks and he made my day more enjoyable. makasih, dik!

we had camwhoring sessions too...

... just like that guy behind me... and that's me with my face saying 'cukup cukup!' ...

...dude got some nerve HAHAHAH!!

we're glad that we had a place to stay although it's a building that's about to be demolished in december. gosh, they should send the extra money to the Health Campus instead.

Monday, August 4, 2008

my cure

one of the very few great things that happened to me the past few days. i owe them a lot and i don't even know how can i repay them back. anyway, i got a new nickname :D the year 1 medic & dental juniors dubbed me Kak Zaidi. kids nowadays...

what brought us all together? actually, i was given the task to be the representative for Dental Students Association (PSG) for Malam 1001 Kenangan 1 Harapan during Hari Interaksi & Integrasi Persatuan (IIP) which was held 2 days ago. IIP is supposed to be an event to bring together all of the clubs and societies in USM Health Campus. PSG was supposed to combine with Medic Students Association (PSP). so, i came up with the idea of forming a band as i see and proposed it to Hazwan, jambu PSP and voila, a band was formed, made up of me as the guitarist/bassist, Ajon as the guitarist, Bobudji as the kononnya-superstar guitarist/bassist, Kerol as the kononnya-segan-tapi-tak-langsung drummer, Hazwan, Yani, Aida, and Hafidz as the vocalists. I thought... why don't we bring in the juniors as well (since i'm such a freak for integration)? that's where...

.... Bebeng...

... Khalif...

... and the rest came in! sebagai back up singers, rappers, and actors.

... and, oh yeah, band members and i. from left - Ajon 'konon macho' the guitarist, Z, Kerol 'konon segan tapi tak' the drummer, and Bobudji 'konon superstar tapi kau takkan dapat vote aku hahaha' the bassist.

so, who says medic and dental students are 24/7 book muggers? in other universities maybe, but not in USM.

there, another blissful entry in my small chapter of life.

eh, chop! before i forget... a week ago, i met 2 Dubai dental students - Ruba & Rasya, and made friends with them. they came to Malam 1001 Kenangan 1 Harapan and surprisingly and embarrassingly they noticed me playing the guitar and they actually told everybody around them, "that's my friend!". i'm not sure whether i should be flattered or what, but it sure is great to get to know them (some sort of exposure). Roy (guy wearing blue coloured baju melayu and jeans) got all excited seeing them and asked me to invite them to take pictures with them. malu malu malu -_-"

Sunday, August 3, 2008


sayur sayur sayur sayur sayur sayur vegie vegie vegie carrot cauliflower broccoli

when the so-called noblemen show their true colours... you get to know this - they are ordinary people after all. today, again, the Medical School carved another wound on me. it's a deep deep deep one this time. for the first time in my university life, i failed to hold my tears back in front of fellow dentalmates when one of the most important lessons for us was cancelled due to some unacceptable technical errors. i can't comprehend why exactly are we, the dental students, being treated with such hostility by the Medical School. what's with saying it's sad that the dental students will be joining their medical counterparts during FLM?? what's with pointing out that it'll be uncomfortable and crowded for medical students during FLM with the presence of dental students?? seriously, we can't feel more hated and neglected than this. i am deeply disappointed. i am sensing regret in me.

why can't we live happily, helping one and another with each other's expertise? are we too much of a burden for you, dear noblemen?

Jay Chou's Twilight's Chapter Seven (Ye De Di Qi Zhang) is nice btw.