Thursday, January 22, 2009

break me

itu cuma tajuk lagu Jewel yang sedang aku dengar sekarang.

all of a sudden, i am overwhelmed with an unexplained sadness. gundah gulananya hati kecil ini, tetapi... bagaimanakah bisa hamba menenangkannya tanpa menjejaki akar umbi permasalahan ini?

anyhoo, i've added yet another element to my blog which is the 'Dari Imaginase Ke Kertas' segment, just for me to put a few drawings that i chose to colour using Photoshop. please bear in mind that i am still a noob at this, so feel free to comment on those drawings and editing techniques. i'm hoping someone can teach me more on this. learning everything by myself kurang shiok dan kurang pantas. the outline of those drawings are very rough since i didn't scan those, but captured their picture using cameraphone in order to edit them using laptop. aku bukannya anak pengecap duit, boleh beli scanner, letak dalam bilik. kah kah.

apart from that, today shall mark my first time going home by train, insya Allah :DDD hahahaha, bajet jadi Harry Potter ahhh! kita kena 'adventurous' kan? cuba try test macam-macam, syiok!! this time, it'd be different since coursemates, Jijah and Kila will be tagging along ^_^ they will be staying at my house and i shall be their tourist guide for the whole week. despite having to do so, ironically, i'm looking forward to it since... entahlah... macam menarik ja. hopefully everything will be going smoothly, insya Allah. amiin...

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