Thursday, January 29, 2009

cutiday in subang

Syefah's surprise birthday part at May's place

happy belated burrrrfday to 2 dear friends,
Syefah (wearing burfday ribbons in the picture above) and Syawa whom i made friends with since i was 7.

it's hols and the scholarship is in and that can only mean one thing........ SHOPPINNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG not...? no wonder the amount of money we received was tremendously more than before. rupa-rupanya Pejabat Bendahari tak potong yuran lagiii *kuang kuang kuang*, so now i've got to change myself from the i-couldn't-care-less Zahirah to i-am-responsible-at-least-financially Zahirah. i am continuously chanting, "You can do it, Zahirah," in my heart silently. i refuse to become yet another Subang kid to be labelled as 'parents' parasitic leech' who sucks out her parents' money as much as she likes. that certainly is dangerously addictive :P

so, having to do so, i'm even thinking twice on buying an external hard disk although it costs only RM200-210 for 250GB at Low Yatt Plaza, Jalan Imbi, a place i drove Jijah to get a new handphone for her and an MP4 for her younger brother. thinking of it carefully, i'll most probably use it mainly to store more movies and dramas that i might not watch again after one round of doing so. betul kan, rakan-rakan sekalian? but my Photoshop files are consuming space quite much too. whatever they are, semua pun lebih kurang untuk hiburan aku ja, jadi... penting sangatkah untuk aku beli external hard disk ni? tak kot... lagipun, nanti lagi kuat berhibur ja, padahal, baru ja beritahu diri sendiri nak dapatkan keputusan yang lagi chun... and i know myself too well. i'm not very good at controlling myself especially in the sense of indulging myself. lagi baik kalau tak beli.

anyhoo, will be going home in 2 days by bus. the previous 14-hours train ride was quite okay, although i had to suffer intense backache after that, but the duration is too torturing, therefore, i chose to go back to the university by bus. kena gelak dengan Umi ja laaa.

i'm looking forward to jamming with fellow band members in university :D sebelum ni ingatkan diorang tamau jam sudah. rupa-rupanya, cerita betulnya ialah... masing-masing tunggu masing-masing untuk buka mulut ajak jam. masing-masing ingat band members tamau jam, hahahahahaa~ okay, i shall speak out my mind more from this time onwards, okay?


Ibnu Shaukani said...

welcome back to usm =)

zahirah ardy said...

arigatou ^_^

hye_ said...

1st time naik train..enough already.hahah

zahirah ardy said...

ngaaa, jijah, aku tau tu kau hahahah~

Ryfo said...

eh eh fana hamdan pon ad agle classic XD

zahirah ardy said...

masalah kau slalu... typo errors! aku x fhm kot the last 3 words!