Monday, February 23, 2009

kumpul batu jadi satu

did i tell anything about my trip to Penang & Perak with university friends (is there such word?)? no, i guess -_-" oh, nevermind, let's save the details till i get the pictures taken during the trip, hokay!

*yawn* this Apex thing is really getting on my nerve, honestly. looking at those monuments, signboards (which are made of bricks, stone, etc.) constructed and landscape improvised has my 'anger trigger' pulled repeatedly, day by day, hour by hour. why? geezer, problems such as lack of water supply, 'space poverty', incompetent and unreliable internet connection, lack of equipments for extracurricular activities, (and the list goes on and on) seem like they are here to stay, don't they? if i were to give my verdict on 'how hypocrite the university is', it would be 8 out 10. can you at least give me enough water supply? it feels like studying in a university located in Sahara Desert or sumthing :P

so, the USM Bintang audition was over and boy, am i glad! i can't tolerate having the same question which in my case is, "Z, kau tak masuk Bintang USM ke?", being forwarded to me daily. although i did enter a singing competition in matriculation college, my entry was not willful. what actually happened was...

one fine day, Zahirah was on her way to the hostel after completing a few tasks at the lecturers' office. while doing so, she bumped into her lecturer and wished salam as usual. to her surprise and annoyance, the lecturer told her, "Zahirah, i had put your name for a singing competition which will be held in a few days. you are required to attend the audition, okay. prepare a few songs," (or sumthing like that). feeling extremely annoyed, she randomly chose a song which she played with her band before. the songs were My Immortal (band version) by Evanescence and Right Here Waiting by Richard Mark. being a lazy bump, she didn't bother searching for minus-1 version of those tracks, and had to throw in her guitar to back her vocal up.

on the day the audition was held, she sang as usual. no attempt to add any special effect was made. annoyingly amazingly, she moved to the final stage, during which she had to perform in front of her collegemates. without having the intention to win, she sang and performed just like she did during audition. no pretty clothes for her and she wore nothing much but a long-sleeved tshirt, cargo pants, and sport shoes - which triggered the judge to ask her friend, "Does she wear such clothings during performance all the time?". To her annoyance surpise, she escaped the hell stage with a hamper for getting 2nd place... which she found so amusing.

i find singing songs that have the potential to tear my vocal cord too troublesome and to prove myself in front of a line of judges is too nerve-wrecking and annoying. being in a band feels much more like... me. oh yeah... talking about bands... the musical instruments the band (which backed up the singers) used yesterday are soooo beauuuuutifuuullll and compleeeeete~ kecilnya hati bila teringatkan drum yang mempunyai hi-hat macam KERANG dan cymbal yang dah serupa bentuk bintang, gitar dengan tali rongak, amplifier (speaker) yang mengeluarkan bunyi drum apabila tali gitar dipetik, microphone yang tidak menolong langsung untuk menguatkan suara vokalis, di Bilik Muzik USMKK ni. macam nak menangis pun ada (hiperbola oke). HEP, bila mau improve barang-barang tu? duitku sudah mengalir macam air membaiki barang-barang di Bilik Muzik tu T_T

Sunday, February 22, 2009

to feel something rare

one simple word sputtered
and i could almost swear my heart skipped one or two beats
one look at an almost insignificant creature to you
and you should have learnt the consequences of your little actions
one careless sentence whispered
and that person is imprisoned in an absurd, abysmal if i might say, imaginary cage

how abominable one can be
yet how beautiful that very person may be
the mind works in such sync i can never fully comprehend
and somehow the mind sends out bizarre invinsible signals to another one
one signal that drives the heart to lose its pace
one signal that blurs the mind of a conqueror
one signal that stupefies the mind of the wise
one signal that... blocks my fragile mind since a few days ago?

haaaaa, penatnya, mau tido!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

1. Anda rase anda HOT?

Memandangkan negeri Kelantan sedang dilanda musim kemarau, maka, sememangnya saya sedang berasa HOT!

2.Upload gambar kegemaran anda.

3. Kenapa anda suka gambar ini?
Kerana... saya sedang buat perkara kegemaran saya ketika itu...? dan kami seronok masa tu...? one tough question -_-"

4. Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?
Baru ja makan pizza brand orang Malaysia minggu lepas bersama Nafsiyah :D

5. Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
Feeling This, nyanyian Blink-182.

6. Apa yang sedang anda buat selain dari buat tag ni?
Download komik Naruto siri 435. kyaaa~

7. Selain nama anda sendiri, apakah lagi nama yang anda suka orang panggil anda?
Nak kata suka, memang nama sendiri sajalah. tapi nicknames... banyak sangat untuk disenaraikan di sini. lagipun... macam tak menjawab soalan ja.

8.Tag lagi lima orang:1. Hannah 2. Mellie 3. Paan 4. Ariff 5. Ain Shafiyah (kakakkaa)

9. Siapa no 1?

10. Siapakah orang nombor 2?
Mellie Goeslow yang dapat 4 flat accounting dan saya gembira bersamanya!

11. Orang nombor 3 ada hubungan dengan sesiapa?
PLAYAAAAA ahaahhaa.

12. Bagaimana pulak dengan orang nombor 4?
Dia dalam kekeliruan hahahaha

13. Kata sesuatu berkenaan dengan orang nombor 5.
Kawan dari sekolah rendah agama dulu, sama aras dekat matriks, sama kuliyah dekat universiti ^_^

p/s: apa kau kata, Awol? aku rocker? aku ada macam Amy Search ke? no no no!

salah dan lupa

aku yang melankolik (betulkah ejaan aku?). tiba-tiba pula terkenangkan budak aras 4 blok C2 di Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan (KMNS) dulu. dah teringatkan diorang, teringat pula ramai kawan lama di matriks. apa khabar diorang sekarang? ingat lagi ke diorang pada aku? ingat lagi ke aku pada mereka semua? 'semua' as in... SEMUA? entah kenapa sejak kebelakangan ini, seolah-olah ada seseorang memainkan kaset berulang-ulang kali ditelingaku untuk aku dengar, "... aku lebih enjoy matriks daripada universiti,". apa-apa pun, masa tak menunggu kita dan kita harus pandang dan terus bergerak ke depan, YOSH!
"to forgive and forget..."

aku yang keras kepala. it's not easy for someone to pull my 'circuit breaker'. i enjoy being expressive, but i rarely take things personal. however, once i do, it's super uber hard to let things go just like that... unavanged. i was not a good person and i dare not say i am one now. nevertheless, there is some effort made to bring myself to the brighter side. anyway, it's so tempting to return to the 'dark side', Master Yoda. if i could just yell out, "Like i give a damn and try my patience if you dare," to those annoying brats as if i am Zahirah of 5 years ago... whoa, that'd be refreshing and things wouldn't get complicated with them being all hypocritical, but... nothing goes unpunished, right? i need to learn the art of Sabr, desperately.

aku yang menuntut janji-janji Melayu
. i wonder why broken promises are frequently labeled as 'janji Melayu'... anyhoo, i wish, i wish, i wish, those around me (and myself) will start thinking deeply of the consequences of their actions and words. i'd like to emphasize on promises this time. tak kisahlah betapa remeh pun bunyi suatu janji itu, janji tetap adalah janji. cubalah penuhi janji-janji yang telah kita buat dan jangan berani berjanji atas sesuatu yang tak pasti.

aku yang mengimpikan tandas yang sejahtera
. LOL, as funny as that may sound to you, i really want a clean and pleasant water closet T_T landscape dah Apex, aku mau tandas yang Apex juga. mungkin anda akan berfikir, "Apa punya perbandingan konsep ni? kang VC mai baca baghu hang tau," tapi hakikatnya, tandas adalah antara tempat yang paling kerap kita lepaskan 'stress' kita (if you know what i mean, kah kah). patahkah jari anda bila menarik 'flush'? seronokkah anda melepaskan segala jenis habuk dan apa-dia?-Tuhan-saja-yang-tahu ke dalam tandas tu tanpa membersihkannya kemudian dan membiarkan orang lain melihat perkara yang tidak dikehendaki? sukarkah anda menggunakan hak universiti dengan berhemah sedangkan di rumah, anda boleh menjaga adab anda dengan cemerlang sekali? apalah guna teknologi pam tandas, pembetungan, dll. yang telah kita temui selama ini? and you dare call yourselves civilized people? get out of that ridiculous mentality lah. gangguan mental sungguh kalau nak cakap tentang WC ni.

gangguan mental lagi kalau tak cukup tidur. ok, mau tidur, wassalam.

p/s: my apologies for today's slightly harsh post.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

out from the grasp of viruses and into the embrace of bacteria

thank God, all of those episodes of tachycardia, tachypnoea, febrile, and etc. which came as side dishes along with 'viral fever' are down the drain for good! that explains the reason i was absent in writing department for quite awhile, but today, i fell into the the embrace of bacteria. i am food poisoned. as i told you before, i was born with hypersensitive gastrointestinal system, hence, i make a good 'rotten food detector'. i hope this one will not end up as how it did during my visit to Indonesia. at that time, repeated episodes of food poisoning made me hypovolaemic and hypotensive. blood pressure at that time was around 80/45-50mmHg and doctor was thinking of putting me on drip. i don't think i will go to Indonesia again without bringing boxes of Malaysia-made ramen.

but then again, weeks from the computer means... episodes of unread Naruto!!! kyaaa~

just a few moments ago, i attended Malam Warisan Kelantan, during which Dikir Labah involving many veterans was staged. all of the veterans were so cool walaweh-wa-beritahu-lu and energetic. i was awed until i saw this particular veteran who looked so much like my late grandfather, Tok Ayah, and i almost dropped a tear. Al-Fatihah... Tok Ayah was the only grandparent that has beaten me with a 'rotan' and taught countless valuable lessons nevertheless. many wouldn't think twice before labelling me as 'budak bandar', but Tok Ayah did not and taught me skills of a kampung boy... contohnya, panjat pokok kelapa, cabut sabut kelapa, mesin isi kelapa, pancing ikan dekat kolam belakang kampung pakai tali nylon, buluh, kail, dan cacing, dan macam-macam lagi lah! he taught me to drink black coffee too, a habit which i picked up since i was 4 years old till now. sadly, doctor told me to put off caffeine too since my body doesn't react well with it. ai yai yai yai yai. Tok Ayah was also a Mr. Know It All. Ayah is like a version of Tok Ayah of 20th & 21st centuries. i miss them both :'( kenapalah budak-budak sekarang payah sangat nak ingat asal-usul?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

back in the land of scholars

37th ConvEx dinner - with members of Prosthodontic station

yosh, i'm back in Kelantan, a state i dubbed as The Land of Scholars just a few days ago :P come here with sky high hopes of indulging yourself with man-made entertainments and you shall go home with it being crushed to tiny bits. whatever one might say about this place... i personally find it suitable for those who really seeks for knowledge.

sebenarnya, sekarang hati tengah gundah sebab esok ada sesi Small Group Discussion (SGD) dan Problem-Based Learning (PBL) dan aku tak buat persediaan satu haprak pun lagi... and i really hate having to sit in a corner during discussions and not having a clue about whatever others talk about. however, the internet connection nowadays is extremely frustrating. i can barely get connected during late in the evening till midnight. kata komputerku yang satu ini, isyarat dari modem router adalah 'Very Low'... biaq betui ang, modem router untuk aras aku dekat ja dekat atas kepala ni -_-" pagi- pagi buta ini lah 'show time' aku, jeah!! hebat kan aku memberi alasan? alasan... alasan... alasan.

my Chinese New Year hols had been a great one. finally, i get to spend a small fraction of my time with Umi & Ayah, and that's not something that comes easily. nevertheless, poyolah adik yang seorang ni, Ahmad, sebab tamau balik rumah. kasihan kakak anda seorang diri (walaupun pada hakikatnya Jijah dan Kak Jannah ada sama-sama di rumah :P) terkapai- kapai di rumah bersama modem router yang baru sahaja rosak. terketar- ketar dia sebab loya akibat terlebih makan coklat yang berkotak- kotak dalam peti sejuk itu. "Apakah alasan dia?" anda tanya? mau belajar katanya. tak pernah seumur hidupku yang tak berapa panjang ni mendengar Ahmad cakap macam tu. tahniah, Poyom (Umi calls him that), kerana berjaya mendapat taraf 'mumtaz' dalam peperiksaan Sijil Menengah Agama (SMA) anda. semoga anda berjaya dengan 'flying colours' dalam SPM juga. wa sayang sama lu walaupun lu suka sedut duit wa, hoho~ and most importantly, i got to enjoy watching my coursemates getting all excited and hectic when they were shopping around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, and and and, getting to go to Kepong with fellow Stucks and Jijah with a plan to play kites only to realise later that none of us has one -_-" kasihan kami orang Subang... nak main layang- layang pun kena lari sampai ke Kepong yang lebih kurang 45 minit dari rumah mwuuu.

37th ConvEx dinner - with members of Phorensic Dentistry and Prosthodontic stations

there! a few pictures taken during the 37th ConvEx dinner yesterday. the second picture is supposed to be about 'buat- buat terkejut', but it seemed like i was the only one who succeeded in pulling such poses, wah hahaha~ Lian's (standing on my left side) pose was more like... "Oh, marvelous, it's such a surprise to see you around this time, at this place (please read this in Australian accent)," and Leong's (standing on the other side) was sort of saying, "Raaawwrrr, i'm gonna rip your head off and you know very well i'm capable of doing so with my height,". tall people make me feel safe... i wonder why -_-"

truth is, i'm way too sleepy to continue typing this post and it's definitely heading to nowhere. so... cau cincau and wassalam!

p/s: pardon me for the lack of substance in today's post.