Tuesday, February 3, 2009

back in the land of scholars

37th ConvEx dinner - with members of Prosthodontic station

yosh, i'm back in Kelantan, a state i dubbed as The Land of Scholars just a few days ago :P come here with sky high hopes of indulging yourself with man-made entertainments and you shall go home with it being crushed to tiny bits. whatever one might say about this place... i personally find it suitable for those who really seeks for knowledge.

sebenarnya, sekarang hati tengah gundah sebab esok ada sesi Small Group Discussion (SGD) dan Problem-Based Learning (PBL) dan aku tak buat persediaan satu haprak pun lagi... and i really hate having to sit in a corner during discussions and not having a clue about whatever others talk about. however, the internet connection nowadays is extremely frustrating. i can barely get connected during late in the evening till midnight. kata komputerku yang satu ini, isyarat dari modem router adalah 'Very Low'... biaq betui ang, modem router untuk aras aku dekat ja dekat atas kepala ni -_-" pagi- pagi buta ini lah 'show time' aku, jeah!! hebat kan aku memberi alasan? alasan... alasan... alasan.

my Chinese New Year hols had been a great one. finally, i get to spend a small fraction of my time with Umi & Ayah, and that's not something that comes easily. nevertheless, poyolah adik yang seorang ni, Ahmad, sebab tamau balik rumah. kasihan kakak anda seorang diri (walaupun pada hakikatnya Jijah dan Kak Jannah ada sama-sama di rumah :P) terkapai- kapai di rumah bersama modem router yang baru sahaja rosak. terketar- ketar dia sebab loya akibat terlebih makan coklat yang berkotak- kotak dalam peti sejuk itu. "Apakah alasan dia?" anda tanya? mau belajar katanya. tak pernah seumur hidupku yang tak berapa panjang ni mendengar Ahmad cakap macam tu. tahniah, Poyom (Umi calls him that), kerana berjaya mendapat taraf 'mumtaz' dalam peperiksaan Sijil Menengah Agama (SMA) anda. semoga anda berjaya dengan 'flying colours' dalam SPM juga. wa sayang sama lu walaupun lu suka sedut duit wa, hoho~ and most importantly, i got to enjoy watching my coursemates getting all excited and hectic when they were shopping around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, and and and, getting to go to Kepong with fellow Stucks and Jijah with a plan to play kites only to realise later that none of us has one -_-" kasihan kami orang Subang... nak main layang- layang pun kena lari sampai ke Kepong yang lebih kurang 45 minit dari rumah mwuuu.

37th ConvEx dinner - with members of Phorensic Dentistry and Prosthodontic stations

there! a few pictures taken during the 37th ConvEx dinner yesterday. the second picture is supposed to be about 'buat- buat terkejut', but it seemed like i was the only one who succeeded in pulling such poses, wah hahaha~ Lian's (standing on my left side) pose was more like... "Oh, marvelous, it's such a surprise to see you around this time, at this place (please read this in Australian accent)," and Leong's (standing on the other side) was sort of saying, "Raaawwrrr, i'm gonna rip your head off and you know very well i'm capable of doing so with my height,". tall people make me feel safe... i wonder why -_-"

truth is, i'm way too sleepy to continue typing this post and it's definitely heading to nowhere. so... cau cincau and wassalam!

p/s: pardon me for the lack of substance in today's post.


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Yoohoo~ Heyyo~ Ooo bagi org nasy comments ek~ Xpe2! Hhehe~

zahirah ardy said...

ola, Paan~ bukan dari matrics pun aku n Kurol suka beri nasty comments dkat kau ka? lol~