Monday, February 23, 2009

kumpul batu jadi satu

did i tell anything about my trip to Penang & Perak with university friends (is there such word?)? no, i guess -_-" oh, nevermind, let's save the details till i get the pictures taken during the trip, hokay!

*yawn* this Apex thing is really getting on my nerve, honestly. looking at those monuments, signboards (which are made of bricks, stone, etc.) constructed and landscape improvised has my 'anger trigger' pulled repeatedly, day by day, hour by hour. why? geezer, problems such as lack of water supply, 'space poverty', incompetent and unreliable internet connection, lack of equipments for extracurricular activities, (and the list goes on and on) seem like they are here to stay, don't they? if i were to give my verdict on 'how hypocrite the university is', it would be 8 out 10. can you at least give me enough water supply? it feels like studying in a university located in Sahara Desert or sumthing :P

so, the USM Bintang audition was over and boy, am i glad! i can't tolerate having the same question which in my case is, "Z, kau tak masuk Bintang USM ke?", being forwarded to me daily. although i did enter a singing competition in matriculation college, my entry was not willful. what actually happened was...

one fine day, Zahirah was on her way to the hostel after completing a few tasks at the lecturers' office. while doing so, she bumped into her lecturer and wished salam as usual. to her surprise and annoyance, the lecturer told her, "Zahirah, i had put your name for a singing competition which will be held in a few days. you are required to attend the audition, okay. prepare a few songs," (or sumthing like that). feeling extremely annoyed, she randomly chose a song which she played with her band before. the songs were My Immortal (band version) by Evanescence and Right Here Waiting by Richard Mark. being a lazy bump, she didn't bother searching for minus-1 version of those tracks, and had to throw in her guitar to back her vocal up.

on the day the audition was held, she sang as usual. no attempt to add any special effect was made. annoyingly amazingly, she moved to the final stage, during which she had to perform in front of her collegemates. without having the intention to win, she sang and performed just like she did during audition. no pretty clothes for her and she wore nothing much but a long-sleeved tshirt, cargo pants, and sport shoes - which triggered the judge to ask her friend, "Does she wear such clothings during performance all the time?". To her annoyance surpise, she escaped the hell stage with a hamper for getting 2nd place... which she found so amusing.

i find singing songs that have the potential to tear my vocal cord too troublesome and to prove myself in front of a line of judges is too nerve-wrecking and annoying. being in a band feels much more like... me. oh yeah... talking about bands... the musical instruments the band (which backed up the singers) used yesterday are soooo beauuuuutifuuullll and compleeeeete~ kecilnya hati bila teringatkan drum yang mempunyai hi-hat macam KERANG dan cymbal yang dah serupa bentuk bintang, gitar dengan tali rongak, amplifier (speaker) yang mengeluarkan bunyi drum apabila tali gitar dipetik, microphone yang tidak menolong langsung untuk menguatkan suara vokalis, di Bilik Muzik USMKK ni. macam nak menangis pun ada (hiperbola oke). HEP, bila mau improve barang-barang tu? duitku sudah mengalir macam air membaiki barang-barang di Bilik Muzik tu T_T


Mr AzRai MaRCeeL said...

ada band ker???? wah best2..samer2..

zahirah ardy said...

baiklah, baiklah :)

Wani Ardy said...

gila 70s nama bintang usm tu (-.-')

zahirah ardy said...

wuish, memang da lama event tu ada. sorta annual punya benda. tp aku x pasti la kalau dia date back to 70s XD