Sunday, February 22, 2009

to feel something rare

one simple word sputtered
and i could almost swear my heart skipped one or two beats
one look at an almost insignificant creature to you
and you should have learnt the consequences of your little actions
one careless sentence whispered
and that person is imprisoned in an absurd, abysmal if i might say, imaginary cage

how abominable one can be
yet how beautiful that very person may be
the mind works in such sync i can never fully comprehend
and somehow the mind sends out bizarre invinsible signals to another one
one signal that drives the heart to lose its pace
one signal that blurs the mind of a conqueror
one signal that stupefies the mind of the wise
one signal that... blocks my fragile mind since a few days ago?

haaaaa, penatnya, mau tido!

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