Sunday, March 29, 2009

oh, RM8 melayang begitu sahaja~

Sometimes, some things are worth listening to, I guess. Despite reading negative feedbacks on the Dragonball Evolution movie, I spent 8 bucks to watch it just awhile ago and uhm... yeah. Very disappointed, TCH! it came to a point at which i thought of something like, "Did the director of this movie intentionally create such plot and direct the acting in such way that the audience would find it funny?" in the middle of the movie. The costumes and make-ups were so poorly coordinated (especially Bulma's, Muten Roshi's, and Goku's as he put on his late grandpa's orange vest) that i felt like watching a replay of Star Trek and a few 80s movies. The way the script was narrated was too monotonous and sangat-tak-kena-tempat made me laugh when the rest of the audience didn't. Now I understand why Akira Toriyama was very upset with it. As one member of commented, "but the high ticket sales might accidentally provoke them to go through with their diabolical plans to make TWO more," I too, worry of the same thing. The next time such crime is committed, Mr. Toriyama might get a heart attack. Incik-incik Direktor, kamu sudah rosakkan imaginasi tentang Dragonball dalam mindaku yang sudah berusia hampir satu dekad ini. So, Fight Club is still at the top spot in my very own list of Top 10 Geniusly and Marvelously Directed Movies.

Whatever it is, is it just me or does Justin Chatwin resemble Billie Joe Armstrong (vox/guitarist of Greenday) a little?

This might not be worth reading - Today, I felt awkward having to use a bread knife to spread margerine on a slice of bread. Maybe it's due to prolonged usage of spoon to execute the job mentioned. I also felt so abnormally pleased that the margarine was very soft and did not taste too salty or fatty as the usual ones we had in the hostel. Such item wouldn't survive without being stored in cool places. Now I'm thinking of bringing a refridgerator to Kelantan, but that's too extreme!!

Once more - weird! I went to the usual retails with the intention to shop for a few clothes as I usually do during hols, but... dengan tiba-tiba, nafsu membeli hilang apabila kaki jejak dalam kedai. In other words, I didn't buy any cloth. Woh. Berjimat aku macam ni.

Esok insya Allah akan berjumpa dengan bekas teman sebilik di matriks dulu iaitu Aisyah dan Syima (^_^)V To the zoo we shall go!!!


Dbz Stream said...

Lol, Everybody keep saying this movie was a failure, Before it was even released alot of people said it will suck.
Sorry about ur $8, Maybe the next film will be better

The cartoon of DBZ is good though

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

DBZ Evolution = FAIL = Ruined my childhood memories = Facepalm...

zahirah ardy said...

Dbz Stream, of course the cartoon/anime of DBZ is good. Gosh, I survived watching it 3 rounds already, but that's just because the same cartoonist produced the same anime with the same plot as the manga. Yeah... I wish they'd change the directors if another film were to be produced......... or maybe use the same ones, but brainwash them first.

Paan, tau takpe!! For the first time, I walked out of a cinema (post-movie watching of course) without any particular feeling apart from pissed off!