Sunday, March 22, 2009

sotong kurita (selepas di'censored' oleh nafsiyah)

let the poster say it all. a few additions, though - it's open to all students of Universiti Sains Malaysia Kubang Kerian. so, feel free to contact Dr Ali. he needs another 200+ samples and it ain't easy to get one. of almost 40 second year dental students who had tried, only 4 met all those criterias stated above. so... perhaps you have what it takes? go on :D thank you in advance ;)


Iliana said...

saya sudah pergi try.. tapi tidak berjaya. sob2.. (T.T)
rasa mcm gigi dah chantek.huhu ;P

zahirah ardy said...

begitu juga saya kerana sedang dalam rawatan orthodondic T_T