Thursday, April 16, 2009


This post is not worth reading so go on if you have time to waste or click another link if you don't want to be killed due to boredom.

Here goes.

I am severely disturbed. I honestly, sincerely, seriously don't want him to go. He is not a friend I can afford to lose, but... I don't have much saying on this. There were a few words of his that locked my mouth from opening and sputtering a few more arguements against his decision. A number of people just know what they want to do... And I wish for the best in everything he does. Everything happens for at least a reason. All the best, dude, but if ever you thought of coming back here, we will be more than glad to welcome you. In the meanwhile, our number will get smaller one more time.

Dean, please... please listen to what we have to say.

I'm going to syisha sampai pengsan (konon) tonight. Release tension sikit. I don't think I make a good leader... Things like this more or less shake my confidence. Once again, heartbreak is overwhelming and I couldn't continue writing this post. Later.

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