Sunday, April 12, 2009

HORROR of the year!!!

*dug dug dug* Chang knocked on my door just awhile ago. Oh! It's the Dental Student Association (PSG) tshirt delivery~ "too excited" describes my mood at that time best... until the anticipated item fell into my hands. Seriously, my first reaction was to gape while looking at it. It's like watching a top-rated horror movie which was directed and written in a more realistic manner.

Why am I so upset, you may ask. Well, for a start, I designed it. Next, they changed the design!! What pissed me off so much was... I did submit the original font I used for the tshirt printing company to use, but they used an ugly font which in no way is as good as the one I chose. The LT Chickenhawk font was chosen for reasons lah, machaaaaa!!! And don't reconstruct the designs if you are not patient and careful enough to make an exact copy of the original design. The third reason is the fabric for the tshirt is so poor in quality that I'm seriously considering to ask for refund worth RM6 from the RM26 we paid for it. The thread count is very low and they sure are quite stingy when it comes to the ink used in printing. Argh, terlampau kecewa untuk terus menulis. I'll just let the pictures talk for themselves. I'll include the original design (that was chosen by the senior out of approx. 4-5 designs I submitted) and the depressing outcome.

Warna lari, font ditukar, alignment design lari, proportion design kepada tshirt lari, fabrik kualiti dan warna yang haprak T_T Kecewa, kecewa, kecewa


dr_zool said...

hu..sdey2..naseb ak xbli...xley mintk gnti rugi ke?

zahirah ardy said...

ntoh le. senior kata benda tu dah siap jadi, x dapek nak buat apa2. kecewa gila aku T_T nanti kitorang nak buat baju batch, kali ni aku nk tempah baju dari Penang. budak pharmacy punya baju murah gila n lawa gila printing n quality fabrik dia bagus!

han chuin said...

zac, dun feel upset, i thk dis tshrt i oso like it..dun blame urself oo

zahirah ardy said...

T_T thank u, hanchuin, although i still feel like suing the tshirt printing company. our batch tshirt will be way better than this, with God's will.