Saturday, April 11, 2009


Lega rasanya bila aku declared dalam hati, "Aku sudah tak kisah", tentang beberapa perkara yang aku rasa... tak perlu aku tuliskan di sini. Kadang-kadang, aku rasa kita terlampau banyak dedahkan hal peribadi dalam internet sehinggakan "We invade our own privacy", tetapi dalam masa yang sama, kita demand gils (gils = gila. Just so you understandlah, macha) pasal privacy. Apara~

While I'm here in USM, varieties of personality, attitude, and character were observed. It's down to fifty-fifty when it comes to describing them either pleasant or not, and I'm still learning them rapidly. Yeah, I'm grateful to be given the chance to learn them :)

"Manusia memang ramai yang parasite. Don’t get discouraged",(atau lebih kurang begitu) Umi said when I told her about being bothered so much with all the responsibilities I'm carrying and being misunderstood despite giving away so much. Indeed… One is never grateful till one loses what one has. So, I now reset one of my countless principles.

It’s quite amazing how easily a few people can be read like open books and yet they had never noticed being read by others. What’s ‘funnier’ is when they ask you favours with hidden agendas and they don't even know that you already understood what they had in their mind. Bukan... bukan berprasangka yang tidak elok, tetapi ia adalah berdasarkan pengalaman yang lepas dan juga 'clinical presentation' yang sekarang. Previously, I played along with their game, for my own agendas, but now, I guess I'll learn to answer "No", to such unbeneficial requests. Hey, seriously... They are much more of a burden than pleasant-to-be-with-people. This statement sounds slightly cruel, I know, but I can't let it eat myself, can I? And uhm... you do know that with every additional 10kg load, fuel consumption increases as much as 2%, don't you? Befriending hassle-free people is way more fun! :D But I'm not that choosy, mind you :P

Fairuz, Andi Rauf, me, & Onn Azli

Anyhoo, thanks too Beh and Jijah for including the syisha place (located behind Riverview Hotel & Ridel Hotel) in one of our weekly Monday night out destinations, my 5 years syisha hiatus burned away just like that (although Jijah and Renming accompanied me with a few huff-a-puffs) :P But blame me for coming back there later, heh heh heh. If you were to see sorta mini-KL or where superbikes and posh cars of Kelantan gather, then this place is where you should head to. I don't think it has a proper name, though. Aih... my one guilty pleasure. How do I kill the addiction?

Adrian, Foo, Ah Beh, Renming, & me


Wani Ardy said...

Penghisap rokok! Hahaha.


zahirah ardy said...

doood, syisha, syisha! indirect combustion of tobacco, rokok direct combustion! (tgh cuba comfort diri sendiri :P) shiznit gila tuka Bali hahahah, ok ok, Bandung pn bosan pula kalau pg lagi :P