Friday, May 1, 2009

shokku shokku and see you in Subang or wherever it shall be, Jamboo!

SHOCKED! seriously, seriously shocked as my friend/band member, Incik Onn Azli, told me over the phone that he's about to be married to another fellow friend, Sarah *jaw dropped*, but really, really, I am so happy for them ^_^ He's one very responsible man, that... I can bet on, although he's quite playful and childish (which explains why I was so shocked) at times -_-" So, we'll (Rauf, Onn, & I) be performing at his wedding ceremony on 16th May 2008. Look forward to that-te kudasai :D

Had one helluva night the day before yesterday with Jamboo (Nik Fahmi) and his two sisters, Aisyah, Nik Hamster, Wiki (@ Akmal), and Mus. What differs it from our previous night outs? TRUTH OR DARE GAME, but then, since it was a promise made among us to keep what were said at that night to ourselves, therefore, I can't publish them here. mwuu... And yeah, thanks guys for that night :) I enjoyed our cam-whoring session at Bulatan Kota Bharu the most (apart from whatever came from Jamboo before that haha)! And another thing - Well, Jamboo, you had finally left USM for good, so I wish you all the best in architecture and whatever you are about to do. Jangan sombong di Subang hee hee ;D

Exam's about 24 days away and I'm here pouring craps into cyberspace. Oh, how I wish to see Mel, Anith, Kishie, Hannah, Maisarah, Farhanah, Thirah, Pija, and Syawa. Hurts a little bit to see pictures of them having get-togethers and I'm here clogged in an over-occupied small room and complaining of space poverty. Tak apa, belajar dulu, belajar dulu, kemudian baru main-main habis-habis dengan mereka masa cuti... Holiday... My end of second year hols will last for only 10 days which gives another reason for me to feel so devastated again. And I'll be off to Bali with Along, Wani, and Ahmad insya Allah, for 5 days during my hols which leaves me another 5 days to hang out with them. Hm... I'd better make good use of it.

And I'm so so so happy that Mel's about to further her studies in Malaysia. Yeaaay!


Anonymous said...

16th May 2008?????
it was 'last year' teachers' day a.k.a anith's b'day

correct it,dear~~~

sorry,i'm in the mood nk kacau org


zahirah ardy said...

fanaaaa~ >_< i miss u miss uuuu! 29th May TWO THOUSAND NINE hahahaha~ let's meet up! T_T anith's bday... sure korg pg celebrate T_T... sad...