Monday, June 22, 2009

ahem ahem

Satu demi satu, mereka jatuh ke pahaku. Rasa seperti sayur sawi yang dah terlebih rebus pula.

Let's add drinking water from water dispensers to my already-long-enough-allergy list. Yesterday, I was overwhelmed with sore throat. Slept. The best cure I could think of. Woke up at 5.00am sharp (again!). *argh...* My throat felt like it's burning. "Must be just another episode of upper respiratory tract infection that I get about 2-3 times per year", I told myself. Malas dah mahu layan. 8.50am - "Pergi lecture, Zahirah, nanti doktor kata batch kau dapat ketua pemalas karang...", I thought, in a feeble attempt to persuade myself. What now? Headache?? Now that's rare. I get that like what... once every 4 years?? Lectures were long. Very very long. "Sikit lagi. Jangan baphuk lah kau", bisik lagi kepada diri sendiri. Suddenly, I experienced about 6-7 episodes of gag reflex. What the heaven? Balik bilik, GEDEBUSH! Perut tiba-tiba jadi kosong. Muntah dah semua. Sia-sia pula makan kuey teow sup tadi. Voom! Badan jadi panas, tapak kaki jadi sejuk pula. Jarang betul tapak kaki rasa sejuk.

Lagi 15 minit ada tayangan video demo di dewan kuliyah pula. "Nak rehat :(", rayu hatiku. "Tak boleh, kena belajar. Ada 2 lagi set exam kau ni!", my mind objected. So, it's set. My mind often wins over my heart. Sebab tu lah mereka kata aku ego :P *sigh?*

Yesterday, went to KB with Adrian, Renming, and my younger brother, Ahmad. I was quite surprised when Adrian insisted to accompany me since well... it was 9.00pm+ and I thought they wanted to use that time to do some revisions. While helping ourselves to our dinner, Adrian suddenly said, "You look sad lately". "Eh? Ya ka. Macam biasa ja... Mungkin ada sikit ja kot", I said to him. Later, he added, "Yeah, you don't look too happy lately. I thought you were sad and needed company, that's why I accompanied you". Hm... I didn't know about that myself... and I thought I already recovered. I don't even know how to solve it myself :( Poyo kan ketua batch dental sorang ni.

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