Friday, June 19, 2009

drummer no. 3

This is drummer no. 3 and today is his 21st birthday.

Selamat hari jadi ke-21, Khairul Ridhuwangay!

Semoga jadi doktor yang hebat dunia dan akhirat seperti (atau mengatasi :D) mak kau. Amiin...


Kenapa drummer no.3? Drummer no.1 ialah May, drummer band pertama sekali, Apple Danish . Drummer no. 2 ialah Rauf, drummer band kedua, The Geeks (nama ini hentam karam terpaksa letak sebelum perform dulu). Drummer no.3 ialah Khairul Ridhuwan a.k.a Kerol, yang seperti Chipsmore bersama The Geeks :P This drummer no.3 guy is the most loyal boyfriend you can get, so girls out there, you'd better rush up to him before he becomes a complete gay :D LOL.

Lately, old habits are making a comeback. I dare not fold my sleeves up. Too many of them this time. Plus, something happened between a few of my 'anak buah' and myself. So, that contributes some. Then, there's the much anticipated result of my prevous medical exam (dental students' result is not released yet). Argh, so many people enquired that of mine (even those who aren't close to me). Haruskah? I'm worried enough already, thank you, you need not worry for me. Next, there's the exam on dentistry subjects. The usual 'lepak-lepak tepi Sungai Kelantan' clique isn't here currently except for Kerol. Thank God he's here... at least.

So, Izza, Kerol's fren, Fikri (who was very shy but amazingly could sing well! haha~), birthday boy himself, and I celebrated his birthday with a picnic by the usual hangout spot, Pantai Irama, gobbling on KFC and plucking and strumming the guitar. As I was looking at the sky, searching for the brightest star and the moon, suddenly, I saw a red crescent near the sea line. Subhanallah, for the first time in my life, I watched a lunar eclipse! It appeared fiery red and somehow scary. It felt like having a red-eyed monster glaring at you. It felt eerie for awhile and then we were left stunned by its beauty and magnificence.

This is Poyo (I never gave him any proper name, but had been addressing him with this name). He's still in his teenage years... I guess, because he's short and... er... overweight -_-" Wonderfully, he never pees on my shoes or sandals and he's quite clean. So, I feed him from time to time (it ain't a problem since I actually have milk powder for kittens which I bought during second year). One very spoilt cat. If you don't stroke him, he'll continue meowing until you stroke him 4-6 times and then he'll be quiet, but continues demanding for more strokes by gently biting on your finger and guide you to his comfort zone whenever you lift up your hand. LOL! He brightens up my day :D Especially since Danish isn't here anymore. RIP Danish :( Dan takziah kepada si pok kerana kematian kucingnya. Tak tahu bagaimana sampai boleh kena makan anjing, but who am I to say so since my own rabbit, Dolly died being decapitated by a fox.

You HAVE to watch this video in Hazwan's blog post, titled Kenangan Mengimbau Kembali. Pay attention to Iqbal and my Gitaku played by Pali :D Tengok berapa kali pun boleh gelak gils-gils.


melie said...

babe. gle cool u get to witness an eclipse! sumpah! and ur drummer cam hot nak mati je. xke? hahahahaha

zahirah ardy said...

dia bulu! >_< tak kena taste hahahaa! kecek lah dia :D he's available now :D hee hee~ you should see the eclipse, twas creepy (macam ada hantu gergasi pandang kau :P) but yeah cool and amazing! wish you guys were there :P cpat la datang Kelantan lagi! i'll show u guys the good places here :P

mellie said...