Wednesday, June 24, 2009

never leave your child unattended


I did an outrageous thing yesterday. Was out to Kwik Stop (sort of Tujuh-Sebelas) to buy mineral water as soon as I was healthy enough to do so... and uhm... I'm not very sure what got into me and I LEFT MY CAR UNLOCKED AND ITS DOORS OPENED!!!!!!! PFFFFFFTTT!! And my bag and handphone were in it, thank God, thank God, Alhamdulillah a man selling nasi campur was just nearby, so... nampak macam kereta dia sikit. Gaaaggagaga~

This is my aloe vera, a gift from Ain Shafiyah about a year ago. It had stopped growing at one time since the old vase was too small. I bought it a new home just now! Hopefully it'll grow flowers again soon :) Tak dapat bela hamster, pokok pun jadilah :P Oh, anyway, to anyone out there who needs fertilized soil, feel free to have some of mine. I bought a packet of it early this year and it ain't finishing fast -_-"

Recently, I had been hit with the same question, "R u in love?" (or anything of its equivalence) by what... 5-6 people in a week? (Hahaha, rare tu mau cerita benda begini di blog) The last time I was closest to such thing was... hm... about 4 years ago and that already affected me so much. Way more than I had expected. As you can see... I'm somehow afraid of failure, but that's only in certain fields :P So, whenever I feel like I'm about to be trapped again in such condition, switching my 'insensitive mode' on becomes my escapism. Perhaps I'll tell one or two close friends about it, but the next thing I usually do is... RUN from it by any mean! That's why to be labelled 'gatal' pisses me off, because trust me, I have no intention to 'menggatal'. If you know me well enough, you'd laugh like hyenas to even think of labelling me with such term (just as Mellie did when I told her I was labelled 'gatal'). I'm too afraid to to do so. Besides... you wouldn't want to know my love life. It's boring. It's as boring as the toilet in my hostel, haha.

Anyway, the wounds are away for good :D I'm putting them away for good and will try my hardest to stay away from them, insya Allah. What was I thinking? I have too many great friends to do such thing. Talking about this... the other day, pretty boy, Yueming, did something surprising. While exiting the lecture hall, he stopped right in front of me. Fikirku mau tunggu Yeap atau Teh dia ni, tapi mereka keluar dah. Suddenly, he turned around and asked me, "Eh, yesterday how?". Hm? Then, again, "How are you?". Hm?? "Okay already or not? You weren't well yesterday right?", he asked again. Macam tiba-tiba ada Silver Surfer bekukan aku tengah jalan. Sayangnya aku tak dapat jerit atau buat apa-apa ekspresi yang mengejutkan, tetapi hanya mampu balas dengan, "Hmm" sambil tersenyum. Knowing Yueming for a couple of years already, yes, this is a very very very rare thing to happen. Rarer than a lunar eclipse. Come to think of it... yeah, he is always there when I needed his help especially academically. Him, having a girlfriend - that makes sense now :) Frankly, I used to say to him, "I tak tahu macam mana girlfriend you boleh tolerate dengan you lah... Cold-hearted sucker, haha", and he replied with, "Oh ya lah, you kenal I lahhh (in sarcastic tone)". So, lesson learnt for the 1000th time - don't judge a book by its cover. So, this is Mr. Tan Yueming, for your imagination. Sorry it's a very old picture and I don't have a nicer picture of him. Not his fan :P

p/s: He's shockingly not that photogenic, but in real life... his skin GLOWS! Which remains as another secret for me to find out. Makan roti dengan peanut butter ja kebelakangan ni 'menyuburkan' kulitku, arghhh! Tekak, tekak, sembuhlah kau, semoga aku boleh makan benda biasa kembali.

p/s 2: Mellie, he's slightly nerdy, specky, and beautiful (I mean this) but no, he's not my boyfriend nor do I admire him, hahahah~ because I know you'll somehow jump into making conclusions again!

p/s 3: Since I'm running out of ideas to post more entries, will be writing about the people around me more :P


mellie said...

smart asss!!! tau tau je i nak tanyaaaaaa haahahahahahahah!!!

zahirah ardy said...

GAHAHHAHAHA! won't let that Fbook thing happen again! HAHAHHA!