Sunday, June 14, 2009

thank God, really T_T

All of a sudden!!! Really, suddenly, my shoulders feel lighter this morning. No, not literally. Just a metaphor. I have decided to return to my 'optimistic state' as I used to be. Considering an incident involving a good friend of mine and a few other factors... suddenly a whisper came to me, persuading me to, "Let bygones be bygones". I have too many things and people to cherish and be grateful of. Thank you, Allah :)

And to Rauf, maaf aku macam shet ja sama kau. Fikir aku, kau kawan syisha atau cakap merepek aja, tapi kau oke lah. LOL! Makasih lagi.

Sebenarnya ada kelas oral maxillofacial demo sekarang, later ya.

p/s: I won't be deleting any previous post bcause... well, let it serve as a reminder to me. And... hopefully I won't be experiencing any episode of manic happiness or else I might be diagnosed to have bipolar disorder instead :P


Elly Elinna said...

glad to see you happy ;))))

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Hehe this post makes me wanna hear Boogie Wonderland (Earth, Wind & Fire) =p

zahirah ardy said...

me too, Elly, trust me. me too :)

Paan, and it makes me wanna listen to Toploader's Dancin' In The Moonlight :D but i think... it's too happy for this one :P who on earth is Boogie Wonderland??

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Boogie Wonderland is the title of the song laa, haiyo, please watch Happy Feet =P

zahirah ardy said...

dear Paan yang gedik, i only watch matured stuff. eh... hold on, that came out wrong :P

Ain Ghaz said...

let bygones be bygones :)

arabic version pun ada

"kullu faths, faths.. kullu aths, aths"

kalau tak silaplah huhu.

* kalau rasa gembira tepuk tgn * hoyeah!

zahirah ardy said...

arigatou, Ain :D