Friday, July 31, 2009

sumimasenga, totemo sukidesu

Pardon my poor Japanese. Haven't practised it for awhile now.

I think... I shall pick myself up now. Although I've lost much support from the two people I love most in my life during the time when I need them most... I am grateful to have the people above (in the pictures) accompanying me through my 'recovery phase'. Not to cheat myself - yes, the end of this phase is still quite far, but for the time being... this will do, insya Allah. Aku benar-benar berterima kasih dengan kalian.

It comes to a point at which I honestly think I'm so self-centered, having you guys to listen to my whines and what seemed like endless problems, while being ignorant about your worries myself. How selfish of me. Thanks for not laughing at me when I dropped one or more tears in front of you. I'll try my best to repay you guys although it's impossible to do so.

To my most loved couple... I shall send prayers to God for your heart to be opened and see the actual picture of everything. I can't think of anything else to convince you guys more... not when both of you refuse to listen to me. Nevertheless, doubt not that some of it is to be blamed on me. I accept that fact with opened heart... but to be muted... my heart crumbles easily.

I want to write more, but my eyes are holding me back from doing so. Ciao for now.


FurBall said...

ill tell u what u can do for ajak shisya malam nih..huhu...baru plan smlam mau jd gewd boy

zahirah ardy said...

wat?? again?? aku boleh after 11pm ja T_T esok instead tamau? segan aku sama orang Raulph LauEren tu da mwuuu.

Elly Elinna said...

Z, i never think you are self-centered....aannnddd sometimes i whine too right? right? right? pasal gigi lah, jambu laaahh.. haha :P

anyway, that's what are friends for. and i am sooooo enjoying lepaking with you guys.

at mcd teluk chempedak kuantan right now. miss you and you guys..tolooooong lah paham~

zahirah ardy said...

baiklah, Z memahami, Z memahami. ey, cpat la balik! da gils da ktorang ni. keluar 5 hari berturut2 da sampai rasa nak sarung paper bag di kepala sbab segan sama orang Ralph LauEren tu >_<

FurBall said...

sapa suruh segan..tada org p0n..hua3...rilek2 sudah..sumpah ta tp0oo elly ktorg kuar hr2...t bl ko dah dtg ktorg tade wit..kalu mo kuar ko blannje r..okeh??

Elly Elinna said...

cis. -_-"