Saturday, July 25, 2009


That's me yawning here. I'm currently in my second residency in Kampung Raja, Besut, Terengganu, which is a part of the Community Family Case Studies (CFCS) program. Amazingly, shortly after our first residency, 2 cyber cafes were opened :)

I don't feel like I've gotten enough sleep. Had a nightmare yesterday and I woke up at 4.00am sharp... the exact time when 'it' happened. An almost exact replay of 'it', except that for some reasons, a lady was in charge and it was around noon. I escaped my deep slumber just as 'that thing' was 'flying'. Yanti yang duduk dalam rumah keluarga angkat yang sama dan sedang tidur di sebelah aku kata, "Aku nampak kau resah-resah, lepas tu aku risau kau mengigau. Nasib baik kau bangun masa aku kejutkan kau". I opened my eyes and grabbed to whatever that was surrounding me at that time. "Aku rasa kau masih trauma lah...", she said. I shut the windows closed, tip-toed to the toilet, and stared blankly at the door. I wanted to drop a few tears but I was worried Mak (mak angkat) would hear me. I want to call so many people, but the cable of my handphone is broken, hence failure to generate image on the LCD. Stayed awake for around 1 hour and finally sank into my slumber, once again.

I need to pick myself up... soon. Time to go back to foster family's house.


FurBall said...

sedih satu perkara yg len..trauma satu perkara yg len..
aku takut ko akan terbawa2 smpai bila2 kalu ko tak cte kat org len..ko sorg yg akan stress nnt especially ko yg bukak mata and tgok tiap btul2 feelings ko..u dont need to hold back with us..we are the only people that u can be who u truly are..

Elly Elinna said...

agree, agree with mus..

zahirah ardy said...

as you were told just now. i shall pour out everything to both of u tonite, insya Allah. can't hold them back any longer :'(