Wednesday, July 15, 2009

who said dentistry is easy? what a bollock.

Tonight, I feel guilty, hence this post is written.

I have 3 overlapping urgent things to do tonight, from 8.00pm till 10.00pm. Firstly is my very first prosthodontics class which started at 8.00pm just now. Inventory and briefing should be given during this class. I overslept till 8.30pm, but the technician hasn't arrived when Sue called me around 8.45pm. Next is the meeting for HiComs and excos of Dental Student Association which starts at 9.00pm. Obviously I was well awake, but wasn't bathed yet. Lastly is to study our Community and Family Case Studies (CFCS) presentation which has a few carry marks for our Professional 2 exam. I'm supposed to present it along with another comrade, Yenyen, to our CFCS coordinator, Dr. Azizah, as a representative of my group. Have 30 slides to study and thousands of datas to present... including a few maps, a field which is not included in my expertise.

So, which one should I choose? Or should I say... which one did I choose? No. 1 sounds way more important, but... No. 3 was my choice, mainly because I hadn't kept a fair share of my time for CFCS and I honestly think that... I had burdened my group members for too long already. They had to cover my part when I was busy doing other things. Hopefully this shall be a wise choice. Perhaps I can give my technician a call and rearrange an extra class with him. Aih, another prostho session delayed and whadda you know... I had set a goal earlier this semester to actually excel in prosthodontics. Passing ain't enough, you know that as well, don't you? Maybe being the batch leader actually benefits me in a way that, uhm... I need to keep myself up (or higher) to a standard enough to gain confidence from my comrades. It's nothing like trying to be superior, but it's more like... uhm... I don't know -_-"

Oh-kay, I need to resume my studies :D


Anonymous said...

yup,u r pun baru tahu yg dentist ni susahnye mengalahkan medic.cuti pun sikit.xpe2.awak harus tabah deh.u can do it.

Anonymous said...

wah,kamu ni amik course paling busy kat malaysia kot.mengalahkan medic.xpe2.usaha n sabar tangga kejayaan.aja aja fighting.chaiyok=)