Saturday, August 29, 2009

finally, a good sleep

What on earth was I thinking yesterday? I read my 'Ngateni' post, and it made me think... "You said this and you turn out the opposite another day? Pfft!". Where had my principle gone to? Really, this issue is bringing the worse out of me.

So, I deleted the previous posts. Come on, I messed up, but at least I'm making an effort to rectify it. Yaddi yadda yaddah.

Aih, my back muscles are aching due to prolonged foetal position. I have this habit of lying that way when I'm not feeling my best, emotionally. My eyes and the orbital region (including the area surrounding the eyes) looked as if I have chemosis (puffy macam pau kari ayam Kafe Harmoni USM). LOL, tolonglah pehe aku suka fikir banyak sangat, seperti si Wiki mesej semalam. Eh, seperti juga kata si Mus. Eh, ada lagi... macam Ayah, Umi, Elly, dan Fiza pernah kata. Zahirah, the message is obvious.

My stomach feels like someone poured Pepsi MAX mixed with Coke straight into it because I didn't have the mood to eat yesterday. Thank God, si Fiza dan Atun ada di bilik. Habis juga makanan. Aaaaaaand, Alhamdulillah, my head is not throbbing anymore.

There are 2 round shaped masses that are palpable (means felt by groping) on the back of my neck, which I suspect to be my occipital lymph nodes. What worries me are they are firm and immobile. 3-4 years ago, only one of them was palpable. A year later, both of them were. Bilanya mahu pergi periksa? And I've been having sudden, very well located pain on my skin which I failed to find its initiating and aggrevating factors. Offset is as sudden as the onset. Location varies with time. It happens about 3 times per dayand had started since about 3 years ago.

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Elly Elinna said...

Z,you said to me jangan lupa makan. so...z pun jangan lupa makan k!!! ;)