Sunday, August 30, 2009

my feet are cold for unknown reason (updated at 5.56am)

Ya, saya orang Melayu (walaupun separuh Jawa :)), tapi susahnya lah nak hidup seminggu tanpa apa-apa jenis mi (kuey teow/mi/bihun)... dan menu untuk 'main course' sepanjang minggu lepas adalah nasi campur (kecuali sekali ketika berbuka puasa dengan Fiza di Kenny Rogers) -_-" Mulalah nak rindu rumah dan mereka yang berdekatan dengannya :'(

It had been a very very very long time since I last felt safe being at the backseat. The third last (yes, this is a grammar crime) time I did so resulted... very badly. Very very badly. Anith ajak Stuck crew buka puasa sama-sama bila saya balik Subang nanti :) But reading May's blog... will she be in Malaysia for it? :'( Not again.

Mellie has gotten her scholarship (siap mesej lagi ^_^)! Which means she'll no longer whine about not having it like I do, LOL~ And I'd be glad to be 'heret'ed' by her for shopping :D

Apple Danish yang tak cukup :( But dear bassist's birthday is drawing nearer.

And so does this syisha hogger's ^_^

Anyway, since quite a number asked me about my annual raya open house... Thank God, the raya hols this time will be a lengthy one (not to say it in a bad way, hoho) :) And that means I'll be resuming the open house. Since most of them dub it as the 'unofficial reunion' event... malas mahu habiskan ayat ni lah. So yeah, it'll be held during 4th raya. Time will be confirmed later. As long as you're a friend of mine, consider yourself invited :D

However... I'll be moving out of Subang next year. A trip to the new house will be a verrrry long one. Still, I'm persuading Umi to let me live in the current house with Along and her soon-to-be-wife (insya Allah).

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