Tuesday, August 25, 2009

perfect situation for the imperfect one

Source : Wani's blog

"Bersifat delusional...", dan ayat seterusnya ialah bahagian yang paling aku suka! Memang tergelak-gelak baca ni. Makasih, kakak yang seorang, Wani :)

This is a story about an event that happened the day before yesterday.

I w a s c h e a t e d .


While I was on my way back to the car along with Mus, Wiki, Elly, and Rauf, after having our almost-daily dose of syeesha, Kucheng appeared from nowhere! And suddenly Bob and Nad followed suit. "Oh, okay, the more the merrier our syeesha session will be, yay!", I thought... especially since someone hasn't been behaving well (or should I replace that with 'isn't'?) for many days already. As the table came into view, I saw Yani. "Hoh, sejak bila Yani rajin ikut syeesha? Takpa, the more the merrier sekali lagi, yay!", I thought once more. Then, suddenly, I saw my dear roommate, Fiza, too! "WHAT THE HECK! Ini sudah gila!", I silently screamed to myself, most probably because Fiza is a very reserved person, and I saw my birthday cake next. That was when everything seemed to make sense. Tolonglah faham, punyalah lambat 'pick up'. Alright, Kishie and Hannah... I have to agree with you guys when you commented on how 'lampi' I am.

Nevertheless, I can't possibly write down how happy and grateful I am for the surprise birthday celebration. Buat perangai atau tidak, merajuk atau tidak, kuat politik atau tidak, porcine, homo sapien, atau kucing, sepet atau mata sesumpah, aku masih sangat sangat sangat sayang sama kalian. You can say whatever you want in return, but this thought is here to stay :D

I don't think I'm feeling my best currently, gah... tolonglah hantar kerusi urut dekat rumah ke universiti ni. Jangan reset thermostat badan please. Mucus macam seronok pula bermain dalam nasal cavity dan sepanjang pharynx aku. Jangan sampai erythrocyte pun ikut serta jadi hyper sudahlah.

Starstrukk by 3oh!3 membuatkan otak hyper yippooooo~


Elly Elinna said...

okay,mata sepet dan macam sesumpah?
hahaha XD

M. Akmal, M.D. said...


zahirah ardy said...

eh, terasakah anda, Elly? hahaha~

so much for Wiki, Mus!

M. Akmal, M.D. said...

how do u know its me??huhu..mus

wan iliana said...

Happy belated birthday, zack! wuwu mmg dah sgt belated ni , sorry terlambat. (^^)"

zahirah ardy said...

it's okay, Wan! :) still, thank u!