Sunday, August 9, 2009

touwaku shimasu

For unknown reason, the background of my blog suddenly disappeared. So, I had to put up a new one. An ugly and way simpler one.

UGHHHH!!!!! My head is killing me!!!
Shouldn't have laughed at Wiki when he was experiencing it yesterday :( Sorry, Wiki mwuuuu...

I can't concentrate much on writing this post (if only someone can come over and open my skull up, HONESTLY!), hence the unorganized contents.

I feel tired. I feel so tired. I feel so tired. I feel so damn tired. Mentally. At times, I wish to vanish into thin air... or maybe become invisible... or perhaps turning off my emotional switch and turn into a puppet. Oh yeah, you may toy me around as you wish then :D

I just feel so tired. I'm starting to give up on, "Seek to understand than to be understood". I'm quite sure there's a line drawn to everything and I'm quite positive that this is where the line is. Is it too much to ask for just a tiny empathy? I guess it is.

Ooooh, how warm they are on my cheek :)

It seems that... appearing independent isn't all good. You tend to be taken for granted.

Seriously, my head is throbbing like HELL!!!!

The reason I have the habit of looking at the sky so much is... at times, I wonder how it'd feel like living up there. Sometimes, I'd call upon the moon and stars silently to carry me up there and save me from all the troubles on earth. I want to ignore a few bastards so much, but I just couldn't bring myself to do so. Trust me, I already tried countless of times to kill this habit of mine, but... hampa sahaja.

Whatever it is... I'm going home today. Running away from so many troublesome arses. Hopefully beloved Stucks will steal my pain away (eh cheyyyy~). I'm bored of working my lacrimal glands already. Kecut dah kelenjar lakrimal aku. Penat lelah sahaja aku memberikan yang terbaik, kau pula senantiasa sahaja membunuh usahaku. Ambillah apa yang kau hajatkan, kalau itu yang kau rasa terbaik untuk kau... asalkan kau tak menyusahkan yang lain. Tapi............................. kau tak pernah rasa puas, kan?

I'm Supergirl, I come to save the world, but who's gonna save me?
", sang Krystal Harris. "Rasa ini sungguh tak wajar", nyanyi The Virgins pula. Gimana sih?


Elly Elinna said...

Z~ mau tinggalkan elly?? T_T

FurBall said...

my head is throbbing like HELL!!!!

like it..hua3..

zahirah ardy said...

no, Elly, you guys are the few ones that i'd like to bring along with me :P but that's just in my imagination :PPP

Mus, is it literally or what?

kishie said...

yes yes peahh welcome baaaaack!!!!!!!

lets go:

1) shisha
2) shisha
3) shisha
4) membuang masa melakukan benda2 yg tidak berfaedah.


zahirah ardy said...

alrighty :DDDD