Saturday, August 29, 2009

ye de di qi zhang

I never seem to grow tired out of Jay Chou's songs do I? Since the wireless connection in USM is being such a beetch for a few months already, not to mention numerous websites are currently blocked, as if majority of us are underages, I couldn't put up good music here.

Have to start stimulating my 'hardworking center' which I found to had underwent atrophy (sort of shrinkage as well as reduction in function) in my brain. Seriously.

Setiap perkara itu pasti akan dibalas oleh Allah, walaupun sekecil zarah sekalipun. God's promise is certain. Well, that's for you, the rest, and I to keep in mind. I find that... the more I distant myself from God, the worse I find my life to be regardless of how many people, money, and other earthly things I have by my side. Many might say, "It's all in your mind", but I beg to differ. The problem with one getting to learn something is... one might find one's knowledge to be superior than others'. That's when you get people who create ridiculous and sometimes nonsensical myths and theories... and that's also when one feels like one's never in fault, hence blaming others became a part of daily life. That's why you have to open up your mind and mix around, therefore, you'll get to do some muhasabah (to reflect yourself) and rectify what's needed.

And with this... I can study comfortably :)