Thursday, September 10, 2009

abnormal thoughts

I... suspect I am a masochist... somehow.

It has been a very very very tiring day today. Went for sahur from 1.00am-4.00am. Chatted with my roommate, Fiza, for an hour or so. Slept after Subuh till 7.50am (since I slept for almost 10 hours the day before ^_^). Had paediatric conservative dentistry class till 10.00am. Resumed making my denture till 12.20pm. Paid a visit to Che Din's little bookshop to see whether there's any new copy of lecture note... okay, I was lying. I was checking out whether anybody's using his computer.......................... until I realised that I didn't bring my pendrive. Che Din is our major supplier for movies/dramas :D

In short, I am so so so tired right now, but I'm seeking to tire myself more. Let's donate blood at 2.30pm :D Yes... it'll be my idea of fun for today :D And when I get too tired, Wiki'll drive. YAY!

Then, there'll be buka puasa with the 'big family' in Pantai Cahaya Bulan, konvoi 3 kereta, insya Allah :D We'll be hunting for fire crackers before hand hoho. Oh, gatalnya tangan mahu beli mercun yang mereka pakai semasa pertunjukan bunga api, tapi apa kan daya... keadaan kewangan tidak mengizinkan hoho. Kalaupun kewangan mengizinkan, minda lagi tahu tak perlu sampai macam tu. Personally, I like mercun gasing and mercun naga, but a few others said that they are for pussies. Apa-apalah. Mus will be going home tomorrow. Aih, sangat jealoused aku ni.

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