Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Have you ever felt like this - Someone/somebody attacked you either physically, mentally, or emotionally, but then knowing that you had gone through extreme cases (such cases that you know very well only a handful had experienced them), you gave such lame responses to the responsible person that that person got so pissed off and started rambling nonsensical stuff about you that you know very well are all made-up junks? And yet, you continued as if that person is invisible?

Dude, I'm so so so having that problem... and I find it hard to concentrate my emotions currently. They are always so mixed up that I feel so confused and ignored my problems later. Hapa ke benda tah.

Annnnnnd! If you were to debate on something... Don't debate on things you aren't so sure of, or if you're one over-confident tad who thinks a lot using common sense, then don't debate with that 'common sense' provided it is built on a whole lot of unclear craps. It just pisses people off, you get what I mean? It's like arguing that Doraemon's dimension-less magic pocket is non-existing with a three year old kid. You'll finally give up and let that kid have wrong ideas about everything. As long as you're at peace and that kid is happy. Hapa ke benda lagi?

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