Friday, September 25, 2009

i love you all, my dears

Yes, I do, dear Stuck crew... and seeing a few of us in a mesh of misunderstanding kills me, but I have this thought at one corner of my mind - perhaps having to be so attached to one and another makes us so vulnerable to this and that. But then again, we had gone through so much that we know each other's strength and weakness so well. There was this one period when all of us are so happy and thankful even with our numerous flaws, but we still managed to hold ourselves together. I may be naive to have this wish, but I'm still having high hopes for that time to repeat itself. Nevertheless, regardless of which one of you guys I'm spending my time with... You guys almost never failed to make me enjoy the seconds.

Come to think of this... Just had steamboat with 'em Kishie, Hannah, May, and Mellie and beraya at Ozz's place and gosh I'm sooo dang full! Ang patut tengok aku melantak hahaaa~

Tomorrow night, will attend May's 'makan-makan' yang tak tentu masak apa lagi (WAHAHAHAHA!!) sebab May's giving so much thought about the menu to be served. Time to taste her cooking ^_^ They said my smiling face looks like this '^_^' emoticon. Hm... lepas ni kena baiki smiling face. Ngee... and in the morning (till evening), will be charging from Subang to Bukit Antarabangsa for beraya session with 'em syisha clique~ Macam biasa, either aku atau Wiki la jadi drebar... but then again, all the plans above are always subjected to God's will. Insya Allah.

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