Saturday, September 5, 2009

lazy ass

I've been such a lazy ass nowadays. My Melody Written Out blog hasn't been updated for months already. I'm supposed to upload new guitar tablatures, but the mood has been away for quite awhile already. I'm supposed to finish up my Japanese class assignment which is to make a scrapbook on bladdah bladdah. I'm supposed to 'khatam' on obs & gyn history taking as well as physical examination (checking patient) since Renming and I are responsible to present a case for this coming week. I'm supposed to distribute a few Dental Student Association stuff in the lecture hall, but failed to do so since one of their excos passed it to me so late that by the time I got it, third year medic and dental students weren't having lectures anymore for that week. I'm supposed to mop my place like I usually do weekly or once every fortnight, but it's approaching end of week already and it still feels dusty down there. I know... it's not usual for someone to mop his/her place that frequent when he/she is staying in a hostel, but I have eczema and apparently among the known things that triggers the attack is dust - which explains the reason I rarely wear flip flops or anything that exposes my feet to dust.

Summary is - I'm lazy.


Elly Elinna said...

yeah! boleh comment dah. get your ass up from the bed!!! :P

zahirah ardy said...

tolonglah pehe. i slept for almost an hour during lecture today. thank God there were 3 lectures altogether.