Wednesday, September 30, 2009

lub and dub

To you, it might be just a few wordplays, but to me... it shook all the walls in my heart. Shook it so badly that you left it with fibrillations for so long that I was quite sure it would've failed soon if it weren't well taken care by the normal physiology of cardiac muscles... but I will keep these jumbled feelings to myself.

And finally, today, it's "Yes", to Mel's (Mel, please don't write down your guesses sudah) long unanswered question.

There's this one song which is very common, but I hadn't been able to nail it down until recently, as I watched the movie, Penelope. It is Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós. Legend ni. Kalau dengar, mesti rasa macam pernah dengar di mana-mana.

Come to think of it... whenever I have very strong feelings, I tend to write them down here and somehow, I tend to insert scientific terms here and there. Well, that's a tribute to Hannah when she told me that her father reads this blog (maaf, ia tidak seberapa T_T) and gave that very comment. Why, why, why, I wonder... I guess... in certain cases... creative literature is not enough to describe one's feelings (not to offend any literature lovers out there). I mean... if I were to say, "My heart shudders", it'll give out an impression of the heart shuddering just like that. As if they're on vibrators. However, if I say, "My heart fibrillates", then... you should know fibrillation (loss of normal rhythm of heartbeat) is divided into many types and each of them has its own patterns and locations (as well as level of danger)... but I guess science itself is lifeless without literature. You should try to read international scientific books. This goes especially to students who are losing interest in science due to reading rotten books like Sasbadi and bladdah bladdah. My apologies, but I dislike those books. Everything is in point form... it's as if reasoning doesn't exist, and if it even exists, the book will not answer your every question. That's me a few years ago. A few years ago, I forwarded numerous WHYs to my teachers, but I was often hampered with responses such as, "Things are that way. That's WHY!". Racking through my memory, there was only ONE teacher during highschool who suggested me to read on international books.

Be it that the mistake had been there for dozens of years... we still have to correct them.

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