Friday, September 18, 2009

raya is here. God, please forgive me.

Raya is supposed to be the day all of us are going to be so immersed in happiness. To many, it'll be a month of victory over the challenges of Ramadhan. To many too, it'll be the day of forgiving, but not necessarily forgetting. To the young ones, it'll be the day fire crackers are made legal by the adults (even those who are working as a judge :P) To a few precious ones, it's yet another day to be spent for God. To cut my ramblings short - it means so much for so many people out there.

Nevertheless, this raya... I can't seem to forgive a few people, regardless how much effort I make... not even my own flesh and blood. Enthusiasm isn't there. I am somehow exhausted mentally. Exhausted from standing on the brink for so long. And I don't feel like asking for forgiveness from a few people too. I searched for the earplug of my headsets till I sweated like a pig, just to make sure they will work at kampong - so that I'll get to have my own imaginary personal space and I can isolate myself from others. What an antisocial.

Just one wrong decision... and I had to carry the blame for life - all on my own.


FurBall said...

chill k...ill be there if u need anything...

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Hey, forgiving is the first important step to a bundle of other forms of joy~ =p