Saturday, September 12, 2009

'twas fun at first

Today marks the 4th day of my diarrhoea and vomiting episodes. It was okay last evening, but worsened today. Thanks to me for being so forgetful (as usual :P), I accidently took things containing milk/cheese. I thought yesterday would be uneventful since I paid extra attention to what I bought for 'buka puasa', but hey, how genius was I? Kenal air jagung tak? A few sellers offer corn drinks containg milk. I only realised it a few hours after drinking it when I saw white-coloured sediments in the leftover. Great.

I read a medical journal on lactase deficiency (better known as lactose intolerance - unable to digest anything containing lactose). Surprise, surprise, in some people, it develops with age which means you may have tons of lactase (the enzyme in your body which is involved in breaking down a type of sugar called lactose), but as you grow up, the lactase somehow decreases.

By the time I was able to recall things in my conscious mind, a milk bottle filled with 'air sirap' was the very first drink I could remember of having... and now my lactose intolerance worsens, hence, abstinence from dairy-containing food or drinks became my practice and I find that frustrating. Yet another test from The One and only... but, I'm pretty sure that my blood pressure is dropping. Head feels heavier than usual, gets tired easily, easily gets confused (eg. when I double checked this post, I found more typos than usual), and yaddah yaddah yaddah - just like when I was in Jakarta, except that currently, it isn't that bad. During that time, my blood pressure dropped to 80/50mmHg (normal is approx. 120/80mmHg). The general practitioner even wanted to administer I.V (intravenous) drips initially.

Hokay, I have more things to write, but I swear to God, I feel so light-headed (tak syisha hari ni okay). Later.

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