Friday, September 4, 2009

wahai bulan

It's two months full of birthdays! Well, firstly...

Happy birthday again to dear bassist,
Hannah Marzuki!

As May said, the sexy one! Haha! And the one with gorgeous legs! Hope you'll achieve your every ambition. Luv you lots :D I miss your brownies, mwuuu...

Aish... I don't know how many birthday celebrations I had missed :'( Wait till I become a dentist... insya Allah.

Happy birthday again to dear syisha clique, Mus :)

Thanks for always being there for me T_T And all those harsh jokes... I didn't mean most of it. Just as Elly had wished you... I too wish that you'll become a good man one day. A good muslim too, and GOSH! Seriously, you have so many potentials in you, waiting to show themselves.

Internet is being such a bitch currently. Apex lah katakan. Oh yeah, talking about the internet and Mus... I'm so stucked with a song titled Semua by GzJunio. It's a duo rap group which created and sang amazingly melodious and unique songs... and yeah it's an indie band, still. So to indie fan wannabe (and real ones) out there, feel free to listen to them. Hold on... what does Mus has to do with the band? His cousin is in the band. Begitulah kisahnya.

Now that Elly, Kucheng, Mus, Wiki, and I go out so frequently, a day without an outing with them leaves me dying out of boredom in my room. LOL! Take this very second as an example. And when I'm left with ample of free time during which I am supposed to study and yaddah yaddah, foolish thoughts loom... and now I'm trapped in this unexplained sadness. Chest pain again. Popopopopooooooyo! Nevertheless, my lacrimal glands have been having a long rest, without being overworked. Praises to God, Alhamdulillah.

If only you guys know the song that is playing on my laptop currently, mesti kasi gelak sampai mati, sampai jerit, "POPOPOPOPOOOOOYO!", dekat saya sambil tangan membuat bentuk 'L' dan diletakkan di dahi.

Up to this second, (this very comma) I'm having mixed emotions, hence, the unorganized post for today.

Give up on it, Zahirah. For once, Zahirah, learn to give up on the hopeless ones (more hopeless than trying to extract the DNA using a loop-wire)... or else, your heart will be crushed into the smallest piece you can ever imagine. You know you can hold their hands while trying to pick yourself up. You can hold 'em tight. It's okay.

...................................... but my heart is aching too much. Way too much. Can I lie to myself any longer? Lompat bangunan ja la.


Anonymous said...

Cantik nye ko edit weehhh! Guna ape??
Heheheh. Its okay, each and every one of us turns a year older every single year, we can always look forward fo the coming year's birthday, true? And jst because you can't be there with us, doesn't mean we don't carry you along in our hearts while we're partying at it.


zahirah ardy said...

what else if not Photoshop? but your editing skill is way better than me lah, May!

aish, this coming year aku makin busy kalau tak silap :P but hopefully my hols will coincide with u guys' special days :P