Sunday, October 18, 2009

dear medication, why aren't you kicking in at the right time?

This ain't good, geez arse.

These antidepressants are killing my appetite. Thinking on the brighter side... I actually restrained myself from vomiting after eating half a hotdog today :) And that was my food of the day. Better than previous days, at least. I feel a wave of retchings coming in now :(

Tried to close my eyes an hour ago, but failed to do so. The reason is... a few hours ago, while Roy, Elly, Rezza, Fiza, Wiki, and I were on our way to our usual hangout spot, something happened among a few of us... to cut things short, I'll just say... it wasn't a pleasant memory at all. My heart was pumping like shit. 'Twas just a relatively petty matter/incident, but reminded me of an incident that's way worse than that. Both parties were at fault though... One of them provoked the other, and the opposite had probably exploded. Whatever it is, I'm now stucked with that scene in my head and still trying to work my way to a good sleep. Hope things will improve between you guys. There isn't any relationship without a few bumps.

In a few hours time, will be driving Yiying, Yanti, and my way to our foster parents' house in Besut, Terengganu, insya Allah. Will have to dress one of my limbs with a bandage. Hm...

I want to write more, but something is making its way out of my gastrointestinal tract. Marvelous.


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