Thursday, October 29, 2009

defensive mode

This is my life and I'm responsible for my every action. You, you, and you don't get to decide for me.

This is the balance I had been working my arse off to achieve and I won't let anyone disrupt it. Be it my friend, enemy, or whoever you think you are.

Those are the people I'm happy with and I will protect them (esp. her) with all my heart and strength... and 'those people' aren't who you can easily guess to be.

This is my problem and it's up to me to solve it myself with God's will. It's not up to you to push me against my will and off my limits. I'd welcome opinions, though, but not forces.

This is Nur Zahirah binti Abdul Rahim bin Daud bin Hussin bin Ngah bin Ibrahim and not another person whose mental and emotions you can meddle with your freaking television/game-influenced theories. Face the frigging fact that real life isn't a drama. I'm not your fugging lab rat.

This time it will be according to my convenience and not yours because you had been too much of a liability to me.

This is my anger-filled confessions and I don't give a damn whether you'd like to call me whatever shit you had been labelling me with, because that's how I had been treated for too long already. I can't change one's mind, obviously, but I can try show one the path, can't I?

This is my self-centered entry. Let me be. Because you had been looking at each other too long that you tend to miss other's tortured expressions. Whatever you think of others might not be right. Your senses has their limit, in case you didn't know.

This is me and I loathe your stupid, almost nonsensical theories. Take them off my sight. Yes, in case you didn't notice, I actually dislike you even from the first glance.

p/s: Whoever thinks that this entry is about him/her... think twice, no. Thrice, or maybe more... because it might not be that way.

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