Monday, October 19, 2009

i heard your suitcase say goodbye

"I wanna know when you were down and drowned", sang Bon Jovi in I'll Be There For You.

One by one they go.

"I wish I had never met or at least knew a few people, because then, I'd be happier"... but those are words of an ungrateful human. I wish... I can be stronger with time, effort, and God's will, so that I can face whatever obstacles or challenges that are thrown at me. I need strength.

Surprise, surprise. Chest is aching again and retchings are here. Bye.


Anonymous said...

go see cardiologist man...

zahirah ardy said...

I assume this very 'Anonymous' is the same person as the one who commented on the previous entry. You don't have to read my blog and leave sarcastic comments, alright, nobody forced you to do so. But thanks for being my entertainment of the day :)

Anonymous said...

really realy love this song..

i'll be there 4 u
these 5 words i swear to u
when u breathe,i wanna be the air 4 u
i'll be there 4 u..


zahirah ardy said...

glad! ^_^

Elly Elinna said...

freaking weird anonymous!!! are they even the same person? -_-"

Anonymous said...

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