Tuesday, October 27, 2009


What should you do when... you know your friends aren't doing the right thing and talking to that person is equivalent to talking to the wall... except for the fact the bacteriae that we exhale actually stick to the wall, and a human can easily wash them off one's face with antiseptic wash or cleanser.

... people tend to forget this - seek to understand than to be understood.

Today, my condition worsened. Someone said something, but it's always my fault that I think too much. So, I'm blaming nobody here. And I think I just said very bad things to someone.

Knowing I have a lot of 'it' to be wasted... I didn't mind much wasting a little bit more.

Why can't people understand, that the words, "Stop frowning and start smiling", or anything of its equivalence don't always work. Things don't really work out like they played in TVs.

By the way, you-know-who-you-are, sorry... aku banyak cakap taik pada kau. Sorry, but I'm currently in one of those episodes. I know... I'm wearing you guys off. It's not THAT necessary to deal with me.

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Anonymous said...

you-know-who-you-are here..same goes here..sorry..lately,kinda loose more wire than usual..