Tuesday, October 20, 2009

kenapa termenung?

I dropped countless tears as I read a message from my elder sister, Wani:

Remember:If a person could not bear the worst of you, then he or she definitely
does not deserve the best of you.

There are so many thoughts trapped in me, waiting to be recorded in this blog, but I can't do that. Not anymore. Or else, I'll be considered as 'telling my problem to the whole world'.

Oh, well, at least, I still have this bandage, imagination, and tears to cure my pain although at a very small scale.

Is it just a matter of time till I lose my sanity? Please say 'no'.

You had seen how miserable I was when I had to let 'that person' go. You should know better.

Oh, God... please give me time to mend my heart. And please open their heart to accept my weaknesses. I need time... I need time... I need time... I need time... I need time... I need time... Please give me time...

Whatever it is... I think I'll just annoy one after another person out there. *zipped my mouth* Wassalam.

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