Friday, October 23, 2009

moi chicka

In the end, the night passed just like that. No wind, just a few drops of rain that were tapping lightly on my shoulder. No excessive emission of CO nor CO2. Not much of input except for an unexpected news from Mus but certainly not from any textbook. No movie or gobbling snacks. Not much of talking nonsense except when I accidently stalked Kucheng chatting with... gagaga. Just a long anticipation which ended with... hm... I'd better stop at this point or I'll start feeling miserable myself.

You know the feeling of being pulled down sampai terjatuh macam nangka busuk at the time when you're thinking, "Yesssss, this is going to be perfect, at lasttttt!", but oh, well... we can only plan. The Creator knows best and is indeed the almighty one. Ah... that reminds me of our previous performance... LOL.

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