Friday, October 2, 2009

Ready For War

By Dr Dre. Try listening to it :)


*Put the nose of a gun into my mouth*


*Pull the trigger*



Finally, happiness.



Hwelllll... at least I had learnt my lesson...

But, dude, aren't the lessons you had learnt this year enough?

Medicine sometimes is bitter. I'm still trying to swim through this huge sea.

Why, why, whyyy for God's sake, do you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again? We can't tolerate these burdens.

As far as I'm concerned, we hadn't explored our mind completely.

But... you always end up sobbing your way to sleep for the sake of others. Be it in any matter. Does it feel nice?

No... *sob* it doesn't.

Is it THAT worthy sacrificing yourself?

......... well, I'll just send my prayers to God... God has God's own ways.

When are you finally going to give up those bad habits?

I don't know... can you accept me as who I am, oh, heart and mind?

Yes we can, but you know very well... not a single living soul can accept you that way as in... 100%. There's always at least 0.00000000...1% of disagreement. Well, alright, we admit it... we aren't totally happy with who you are lately... or even all these while.

Then... what should I do?

What should you do?

Yes, what should I do?

We know not too.

But you guys know what? Let us keep thinking positively and hope for the best in everything. Eventually, dear... eventually. Kindness will be repaid... sooner or later.

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