Saturday, October 17, 2009

sometimes, silence is the best.

Slow Motion by Third Eye Blind.

Gah... days of having the entrance to my stomach imaginarily blocked are very tiring. I used to be allergic only to dairy products, you see.

Looked on the left side of my blogsite. Read the details on 'Arek Iso Pie?' column. Whoa... where did that positive person go?

I can barely pull a sincere smile nowadays... which makes looking at my latest photos very frustrating. Senyuman palsu habis.

I want to eat so much, but considering its consequences... A TOTAL TURN OFF. Dude, at this rate, I might build my own 'six-packs' just out of vomiting (vomiting causes abdominal muscles to contract and increase the pressure in our abdomen, hence expelling everything out).

Yesterday, I did something again while hanging out with 'em and it somehow bugged the people around me... which made me feel guilty. So, I made this decision - not to hang out with 'em everynight. I mean, let's face the truth - hanging out every night drains the energy out of you guys. I might need only 2-3 hours of sleep everyday due to this condition, but you guys need more of it. It's okay not to 'pantau' me everyday. Seeing all of you getting more tired from day to day only makes me feel more miserable. Tonight will be about restraining myself from going out, insya Allah. Whatever I do during that time shall be kept to myself.

Sekarang, bangun tidur sahaja, pandang ke siling sambil hati berkata, "Yet another day to face". Belum apa-apa lagi dah mula kurang semangat. Annoying ka tak aku ni.

Change of topic. Feeling used is so crappy. Crap. Crap. Crappy. I wish 'those people' would gather their balls and tell me their real intentions. Action speaks louder than words okay.

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