Sunday, October 4, 2009


Honest-freaking-ly, this month of Syawal has been a very busy one for me. Akhirnya, hari ini saya berjaya menghabiskan laundry yang tertunggak hampir seminggu. Disebabkan peristiwa sebulan yang lepas, jadi tak berani pula untuk menghantar laundry ke dobi (previous incidents had taught me that car is not that invulnerable)... so I resorted to handwash everything (exception to bedsheets only). Buffs up the biceps, baby! LOL~

Well, for a start, just a few days after Raya hols ended, we (Band-ner in Supik, mace demo bagi nama ko sek-sek kito) performed for Malam Raya Majlis Penghuni Desasiswa Murni in front of a few hundreds crowd. 30th September 2009 marks the date I performed with them (Amirul, Ajon, and Rezza) for the very first time :) Feedbacks from the crowd were satisfying, thank God... although I'm still trying to adapt being teased, "Yuna", by so many people... in which case, I have to admit that I strongly dislike. For God's sake, Yuna was not the reason I started wearing shawls. Anithlah yang mempengaruhi saya untuk pakai selendang... and the Arab postgraduates in my university who wear them very beautifully. Yuna was certainly not the reason I started playing guitar. It's the unbearable feeling of not knowing how to play the guitar when most of my family members (Ayah, Wani, and Along) know that kept me motivated in the early days.

Mulalah tu aku nak emosional tentang benda remeh. Okay, anyway, a new medical chapter will be starting soon (technically, it starts today) and Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA) paid their visit to the Dental School of USM... and that means tons of works for batch leaders (akulah yang jadi korban dalam kes ini)... which also means, marathons between my hostel and my school. Then, there was Malam Raya Persatuan Sains Pergigian (which was over a few hours ago). Macam biasa, setiap batch kena buat persembahan. So I was in charge of the music and anything related to multimedia. My memory card and internal handphone memory chose this time to break down... p e r f e c t . Then, Band-ner in Supik (unbearable sungguh nak tulis nama ini) will be performing again this Friday (wink, wink, marilah kalau free :D) during the opening ceremony of Ekspo Kampus 2009/2010. Hopefully things will go well, insya Allah. I honestly think that every undergraduates should be well-trained in tech stuff, particularly, the computer. Since not many are able to operate simple softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash MX, and yaddah yaddah, the few ones who can had to carry out all tasks that involve usage of such softwares... which also means that I'll have to email Dr Azizah a new name tag design for CFCS program which will be resuming soon in early November. It was previously halted due to spread of swine flu. Oh yeah, talking of Ekspo Kampus 09/10... it's drawing nearer. It's so so so near already. HiComs apa lagi... Panic at the Disco lah. The months of plannings will finally show their result in these few days. Nervous, nervous. Kalau ada di Kelantan, marilah datang ke USM pada 8, 9, dan 10 Oktober 09. There are seriously dozens of activities for you guys to enjoy. Okay, aku berasa lame-o-supreme-o untuk mempromosikan benda ini di sini. Takpalah... dah tanggungjawab. Then, there's paediatric conservative dentistry class. Should start collecting my baby teeth soon. Very soon.

I complain a lot, don't I?... but truthfully, I enjoy living a hectic life :) Thank God for it... dan aktiviti syisha masih berjalan seperti biasa dengan Elly, Kucheng, Mus, dan Wiki. Rindu pula sahur dengan mereka -_-"

Had to do two appearances on stage. Stole photos from anak Abbas.
Will upload more photos, with God's will... or maybe you can just check the photo album on Facebook.

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