Saturday, October 24, 2009

a turning point

Yesterday, our usual syisha session was resumed after a hiatus of almost a week! O_O! I still can't believe I made it through :') Jolo jah... but honestly, the place (near Bank Islam Kubang Kerian and Zuzu Inn) wasn't that nice. I give it a verdict of 1.5/10. If only the owner of the restaurant made more effort to make the place more attractive. Well, a few warm lights and clearing of the nearby bush will do at least.

Just recently, my sleep cycle was restored. Tiada lagi tidur pada pukul 6-7pagi :) Although my sleep is occasionally disrupted for no reason (or maybe there ARE reasons that I hadn't figured out).

The new layout of Facebook is somehow annoying... but I guess that's only for people like us who are having 'extremely fantabulous' internet connection.

Lapar ni, padahal baru makan pukul 1tengah hari tadi :P

This is the very first person who asked me to follow his blog and yes, he is none and nevertheless, Taqim, my junior, who might be the most positive person I had ever met on earth. The very first time I noticed him was right after my band's first ever performance. Dia sedang menjalankan aktiviti sehariannya iaitu 'fogging' dan memberi 'feedback' tentang kualiti bunyi persembahan kami. The first thought that struck me was, "Rempit. Angker kah?". Ironically, he turned out to be a very positive person and his optimism is somehow contagious! No kiddinggg! Pergilah baca blog dia, mungkin kalian akan terfikir, "Pa dia tah budak ni", but end up laughing your heart out or at least smile in the end.

Whoa, it had been a very long while since I last blogged about someone else. Selfish bastard kah aku selama ini? Mungkin... mungkin... tapi tak terlambat untuk berubah :) Will post more about others in the future ^_^

Turning point, baby, turrrrrrning point! Thank God :D

p/s: Will be visiting Dr Zarina for my second time. Hopefully my prognosis will be good, ameeen...

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