Sunday, November 22, 2009

apa salahnya jadi anak yang baik?

From right to left : Along, Ahmad, Wani, and I (I look uber hideous here, but... yang lain okay kot :P)

While I was busy worrying about my past wrongdoings and asked for Along's Kelisa to be sent here instead of getting a new Myvi (out of guilt) as proposed by my mother, Umi bought something that... I had never thought she'd buy in the nearest time. That exact 'something' somehow planted regret deep inside of me on my previous decision. Nevertheless, she's all happy about it, so, I couldn't bring myself to change my request, because then I'll be swarmed with guilt once again. Besides, the Stream is always at home for me to drive in Selangor... just like Umi had said numerous time overhand. So, dear i10 was sent safely back to KL. Finally, a part of my unresolved conflicts disappeared into thin air. Whatever it is, I'm finally able to enjoy contentment :) Alhamdulillah... Weird isn't it... these few days are always about learning to "Settle for less", instead of craving for more and more as I used to.

So, the mission about curbing my greed for luxurious and unnecessary stuff is already halfway accomplished. Just a little bit more to go :) The other mission which is to accept a few friends' departure was also completed, not forgetting with the help of a few true friends. Part of my acceptance is to be contributed to the fact that I once more have my family members by my side, supporting me thoroughly. Many were talking about the problems with hedonistic lifestyle, but mine... I lost my love for hedonism a long time ago- which brings us to my third mission which is to let me once again enjoy the things I used to enjoy. When that passion was ripped off of me, I felt like the zest of life had died. Well, it seems like it's budding once again :) Next is to enhance the performance of my brain once again. It had been showing a few positive signs lately and I hope for lots more to come, insya Allah. Besides, Selanjar 3 Perubatan examination is about a month away only. Insya Allah, kita cuba yang terbaik. Amiiin...


Elly Elinna said...

Z~ its good to see u happy :)

faRha said...

kalau jumpa z tgh jln, akak nak tegur
tp xtau nk ckp pe
z, gembira itu satu kehidupan
nak balik umah
xde mood nak g klinik attend patient

mellie said...

ur getting a new myvi?
lucky childdd
when are u coming home?!!!!!

zahirah ardy said...

Elly, makasih :')

tu la, Kak Paah, Z pun sama, hoho~ tapi takpa, lpas ni kena sakat Kak Paah. makasih atas nasihat yang diberi :)

Mellie, no, I told u, I had rejected the offer. so, I'm getting the Kelisa instead. was too busy feeling guilty la kotttt >_< I'm coming home around December to bring over the car to Kelantan :D but I'll be in Subang for a couple of days only T_T no hols la wei. exam aku bersepah-sepah bulan Dec, Jan, and the MAJOR ONE in March. Nervousnya. but after the major exam, I'll get two months of hols ^_^ let's go somewhere by then :D

melissa said...

p/s: lagu ko ni aku takot la starting dia. mwuuu. mcm alien je bunyi. mwuuu

zahirah ardy said...

but, but, Mellie, the chorus is noiiice. masa awal2 aku pun tak sedar dia punya intro macam ni. one day i let my laptop on and was heading to the bathroom, tiba2 bunyi intro dia kluar. horror, thriller, MJ.